Sunciti Hotel-Location, Accommodation Charges

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Sunciti Hotel is located in Kirinyaga county along Sagana-Nairobi Highway. The hotel is 4km away from Sagana town which is about 4 min drive.

Services at Sunciti

Sunciti offers various services to clients. The hotel is child-friendly too. There is a restaurant that offers a variety of food such as Kenyan pilau made from pure Mwea pishori rice, Mukimo(staple food for the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya), softly laid chapatis,nyama choma, breakfast servings which consists of sausages among others. Buffet services are also available. There is an onsite bar offering various drinks. It has an outdoor pool also. There is free WIFI and free parking services. Meeting rooms are also available.


It has a total of 16 rooms. These rooms are suburban. The rooms are self-contained. It’s 24 hours operational. Bathrooms are of showers. There is also a dry cleaning area at this location. There is a family-friendly playground at the site. One is offered with soap, a towel, and toilet paper. There is a smoking zone set aside for smokers. Online bookings have a free cancellation fee. You can book and pay for your stay while at the place.


There are two different types of rooms. These two available at Sunciti are; a deluxe room and a standard room.

A deluxe room has more classy furniture and room size than the standard room.

Cottages are also available at Sunciti Hotel. A cottage is a small house resembling a hut for vacation use. It is mostly preferred for a family setup vacay.

The price range for the deluxe rooms is between Ksh 2500 to Ksh 3500. These prices keep changing depending on seasons of the year for example during festivities prices may be slightly higher due to high demand.

A standard room at Sunciti Hotel price ranges between Ksh 4000 to Ksh 5000. The prices for a cottage house are between Ksh 5500 and Ksh 6500 depending on seasons of the year.

Kirinyaga County is indeed full of great restaurants. How about you make a point of visiting this hidden gem in Ndia Constituency, Kirinyaga County? Let us all promote local tourism. Shall we?

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