Statue of liberty location, height, charges, and accommodation.

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The Statue of Liberty is the Worlds most recognized landmark and a symbol of enduring democracy and freedom between between France and United State. “The New Colossus” is a sonnet engraved on pedestal .However, it provided a warm welcome to those immigrants at Ellis Island who came to America seeking better life.

History of Statue of Liberty

The formally Liberty Enlightening the World commemorate the friendship of France and United State. In1865, the proposal for statue was made by a French historian known as Edouard de Laboulaye. Therefore, funds were raised by French people and in1875 work began under Frederic Auguste Bartholdi(died on October 4,1904,Paris). The statue was made of copper sheets which were hammered in shape by hands and joined over the framework of four steel supports which were designed by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel and Emmanuel viollet le Duc. The completed statue was disabled in 1885 and shipped to New York City. Richard Morris Hunt, American architect, designed the pedestal. On October 28,1886,the statue was dedicated by president Grover Cleveland. The statue underwent modifications over the years such as conversion of torch to electric power by French and American workers. In 1984 the statue was added to the list of UNESCOS’s World Heritage.

Where is Statue of liberty located?

Statue of liberty is on Liberty Island in the Upper New York Bay, United State.


It represents a woman lifting her right hand holding a torch which measures 8.8 meters. However, it is equivalent to 29 feet from the bottom of the handle to the flame tip. In her left hand the woman holds a tablet written the date (July 4,1776) of the Declaration of Independence. Additionally, the standing of the statue including the pedestal is 93 meters which is equivalent to 305 feet. There is a 12.8 meter service ladder to the bottom of the handle .There is also an elevator that carries people to pedestal and spiral staircase which heads to observation platform .


So, visiting the Statue Of liberty museum in Ellis Island is free but if you wish to go in the statue of liberty one must buy Crown Access ticket or Pedestal Access but General Admission ticket cannot make you to the inside of the statue. For General Admission($24-adults,$18-senior,$12 -child from 4 to 12 years, free-child under 4 years).For pedestal Access Tickets($24.30-adult,$18.30-senior,$12.30-child from 4 to 12,free-child under 4 years).For Crown Access Tickets($24 .30-adults,$18.30-senior,$12.30 -child from 4 to 12years, child under 4 years no allowed).


Again, if you may be looking for accommodated while in your tour around statue of liberty, below is the list of some.

1.Hilton Garden Inn NYC Financial Center in Manhattan Downtown.

2.The Wall Street Inn.

3. Club Quarters Hotel World Trade Center.

4. Hyatt House Jersey City.

5. Hampton Inn Manhattan.

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