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Lee Jae Myung
Lee Jae Myung

Lee Jae Myung is a south Korean politician who is serving under the office of the national assembly as a member. Additionally, he is also the leader of a party known as Democratic party. He is a famous politician also served in the gubernatorial seat of Gyeonggi province. He served from the year 2018 to 2021.

How old is Lee Jae Myung?

Lee was born to Ku Hon Myung and Lee Kyung lee on 22nd December 1964 at Andong si, South Korea. Therefore, he is 59 years old. The occupations of his parents were not known. He has seven siblings. However, much information about them is not available although it is known that his brother, Lee Jae Seon is also an actor.

Early life of Lee Jae Myung

So, he was the fifth born in seven children. He was a courageous child and scored average grades in school. His school was quite a distance from home. Sometimes, he found it difficult to attend school due to snow or a lot of rain. However, he came from a background that could hardly put all meals on the table. He studied at South Korean public school.

However, Lee skipped elementary school since it did not offer free education. Later, he was offered employment in a factory despite being under age. Therefore, he later, he went back to school where he did well in his exams and joined college. Additionally, he participated in fishing activities as his hobby when he was young

Wife and kids

He is currently married to his a lady by the name of Kim Hey Gueong. The two got married in a lavish wedding in the year 1991. She was recently caught up by a scandal for alleged abuse status of when her husband was in office. They have two kids together, Lee Dong ho and Lee Yooh Hoo.

Political career

So, Lee joined politics in the year 2005 and vied for a mayor seat. Unfortunately, he was defeated and served as a senior deputy chief in the year 2007 elections for the candidate Chung Dong Young. After elections, he worked as a spokesperson for the Democratic party. Again, he served in the office of mayor of Seonghm from the year 2010 to 2018.

During his reign as mayor, he banned down dog meat and ensured it’s slaughtering facilities were equally shut too. He expressed his interest in presidential position in the year 2017. This was after president park Geun Hey was impeached. Recently in 2021, he was nominated by the Democratic party. He won with majority votes and made it to elections.

Assassination of Lee Jae Myung

During his interviews on 2 January 2024, he was stabbed on his neck. The person who attacked him had worn a mask. He lost a lot of blood since his vein had been affected. The assailant was arrested and taken to Busan metropolitan police. There after, he confessed that he wanted to kill Lee although the reason for the attack is not known.

Net worth

The estimate of his net worth ranges from $1 and $7million. This is from his salaries and allowances.

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