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Justin Cheung is a film director and an actor. Cheung is well known for acting as Cocky on OCTB. Additionally, he is famous for being featured in a variety of tv shows.

Birthday and family

He was born on 11 March 1983 at British in Hong Kong. Therefore, he is 40 years old. However, his father is known as Alfred Cheung. Justin was a director and also an actor. He played a big role in helping Justin record his first film. Little information is known about his mother. He has two siblings, Jonathan and Jasmine.

Early life and education

However, Justin had an exciting childhood. He used to make and design phones with paper when he was six years old. Together with his siblings, they were raised by his mother. His mother did odd jobs like being a bar maid in order to raise her kids. He schooled at Chinese international schools, Nanyang Tech University and the University of Hong Kong. His favorite sport was swimming.

wife and children

Currently, he not married to anyone. However, he is dating a 24 year old lady by the name of Angel. The two have dated for two years. He announced the relationship in his social media handles on Christmas day. His previous girlfriend was known as Kelly Chen ka lei. He does not have any known children so far

The career of Justin Cheung

His first film was known as Yaya. It is a documentary about his childhood domestic helper. Although he was afraid of criticism when doing the film, he did it regardless. It served him fame and breakthrough. He dropped from studying film to politics and anthropology. After sometime, he got a job in an agency in china. He worked there for two years. Following a dissatisfaction, he quit and joined digital product design and settled there. Together with his sister, they created canto soul. This is an item that is made using left overs from industries. It helped them embrace and appreciate their culture and identity more. He is currently working in crypto.


He has been featured in films such a as Due west, break out brothers ,deception of the novelist ,golden escape, shadows , Gui de fang love is blind and hate too. Additionally, he has been in tv shows like OCTB, warriors within Sorina fork ,all suspicious and the trade on floor.

Justin Cheung net worth

He has a net worth of $ 234 million which is an approximated figure. This is from his roles in film directing and other businesses.

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