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Jerry Springer whose real name is Gerald Norman Springer is an American actor, journalist, producer, lawyer ,broadcaster and a politician. He was also a former mayor of Cincinnati’s.

Age and family.

Springer was born on 13 Feb 1944 at London, UK. He was born in a refugee camp. His parents were Richard springer and Margot Kallmann. His father owned a shoe shop. Information about his mother is currently unavailable. Gerald had one brother, Herman Elkeles. He died in the camp together with his paternal grandfather.

Early life

However, Jerry grew up in East Finchley. His family migrated to the US when he was four years old. He schooled at forest Hill High School and furthered his education at Tulane University. There, he studied political science. Additionally, he studied law at North western university.

Wife and children of Jerry Springer

Jerry married Micki Velton in the year 1973. The duo had one child, a daughter by the name of Katie. She was born with complications and she had her first surgery right after birth. Moreover, she is also partially deaf, and completely blind.


So, Jerry worked as Robert Kennedy’s advisor in the year 1968. Afterwards after Kennedy’s death, he partnered in a law firm owner by Ginker. Springer vied for the US House of representative in the year 1970. However, he did not succeed. In the year 1971, he was elected in the Cincinnati city council. Later, he resigned but was re-elected again. He worked as a political reporter in NBC.

Jerry gained popularity after working for the station for five years. He held a show that held provocative talks like on gun politics and homelessness. Also, he hosted the famous American got talent show. In his acting career, he was featured in the film Ringmaster as Gerry Farrelly. Additionally, he acted films like The defender, Domino, The El Duce Tapes, A fare to remember, and animal passions.

Jerry Springer TV shows

Jerry had hosted quite a number of shows. They include; Circus of chaos, Indie guys, The house arrest, Happy and a bathroom on drake.

Jerry Springer Death

The famous actor died of pancreatic cancer on 27th April, 2023. Springer died while still at his home. He was laid to rest at memorial park cemetery in US.

Net worth

The estimate net worth of $60 million by the time of his death.

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