Harrison Ford, Age, Wife, Movies, Net Worth

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is an American actor who is known for his enthusiasm in the field of filmology. He is about 1.85 metres tall.

Harrison Ford age

He was born at Chicago, US on 13 July 1942, he is 81 years.

Harrison Ford family

He was born to Dorothy and John. His mother was a radio actress and his father was a former actor. Ford only had one sibling brother, Terrence. He attended a school in Park ridge called Iiluons. He was privillaged to be one of the members of the school tv station.

Harrison Ford wife

The American legend was married thrice. He was first married to Mary Marquardt in 1964 but got divorced in 1973. His second marriage was to Melissa Mathison which begun in the year 1983 and ended in year 2004. His most recent marriage was to Calista Flockhart, which was in 2010. He has had five children in his last marriage, with one of them being adopted. They are Liam Ben, Georgia, Willard and Malcom respectively.

Harrison Ford movies in order

He begun his career the moment he was in pursuit of looking for a job in California. He landed his first job in 1968 in the film Journey to Shiloh and Getting straight. His star shone brighter when he starred in the film star wars. This is when he gained worldwide recognition.

Additionally, he has acted movies like raiders of the lost, ark, Blade runner, Patriot games, present dangers, to mention a few. He won an academy award for his great performance in ‘weakness’. Filming has awarded him close to $5.4 billion or more,. He had also been awarded numerous accolades like the Academy award, life achievement awarded. Ford is also a professional pilot and an environmental activist.

Harrison Ford Net worth

His net worth can be approximated to $300million from his job as a pilot and an actor, and also his projects.

Is Harrison Ford still alive

Despite old age catching up, the pilot and movie star is still very healthy for acting. He therefore hasn’t quit and doesn’t have any plans whatsoever to quit.

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