Tiffany Chen age, husband, children, films, TV shows, De Niro.

Tiffany Chen
Tiffany Chen

Tiffany Chen whose full name is Tiffany Chen Ming is from Hong Kong. She is a film producer, an investor and an agent. Together with her husband, they run the company called the china star entertainment group.

The early life and age of Tiffany Chen

Chen was born on 15th January 1959 at Taiwan, China. Therefore, she is 65 years old. Her parents are Priscilla Chen and William CC. Her father is a master of Tai chi Chuan. The occupation of her mother is however not known. Tiffany has one sibling, Maxmilian Chen. Maxmilian is a martial artist.

She was raised in Heilongjiang. At six years old, she was diagnosed with leukemia. luckily, a bone marrow donor volunteered and saved her life.

Husband and children of Tiffany Chen

Tiffany is married to her better half, Charles Being. The two got married in the year 1980. Their marriage has stood the test of time. They have worked together and yielded so much. They have two children together, Jonathan and Jacky Cheung.


She relocated to Hong Kong following her marriage to Charles. Later, he persuaded her to quit her trading career and explore film. Tiffany gave in and agreed to work with her husband. In the year 1984, they collaborated to form China Star Entertainment. It turned out to be a very profound and successful studio. Tiffany worked as the producer as well as the chairman of the company. The company is doing well under her leadership.

Tiffany films and tv shows

So, she has successfully filmed movies such as; league of Gods, Running of Karma, the legend of zu, fatal move, love on a diet, black mask, needing you, papa loves you and fat Choi spirit. Her most recent movie is above the clouds.

Additionally, she has been featured on tv shows like soul eclipse, love is deaf, short candy, I wanna be single with you and first wives club.

Tiffany dating Robert De Niro?

Tiffany is alleged to have a child with De Niro on May 2023. The two are alleged to be dating since 2021. De Niro was previously married to Grace Hightower and Daphne Abbot. The news broke out when the two were sotted holding hands. Rumors have it that they live in an anonymous apartment in Los Angeles. She visits him occasionally and was spotted on 7th June during the opening night party of his film.

Net worth

Her net worth estimation is about $1 billion.

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