Alexandria history, location, culture, worship, climate.

Alexandria in Egypt jpg
Alexandria in Egypt jpg

Alexandria is located in Egypt. It is the second largest city in Egypt after Cairo. Its other name is “Defender of mankind” It was named after Alexander the Great who founded it in the 331 BC. Additionally, it is and has served as a great tourist attraction site. However, it covers an approximated area of about 1,661 kilometers square. Again, it hold an estimated number of 6,100,000 people .

History of Alexandria

Originally, it was founded near a scheme known as Rhacotis. It grew fast and replaced Memphis which was the capital of Egypt by then. So, it remained its capital until a new capital Fustat was founded. Fustat was later changed to Cairo. This is best known for pharos. The pharos exist amongst the seven wonders of the world. Also, it serves as a cultural city and an intellectual city. Additionally ,it is also an important Christianity center and an important trading center.

Location and Geography

The famous center for international shipping industry is located on the west of Nile delta, and on the southern of the Mediterranean sea. The population density is also high because it is centrally positioned for tourism related businesses.

Climatic conditions for Alexandria

Alexandria has a moderate climate that is characterized by its nearness to a water body. So, it is amongst the few wettest areas in Egypt and experiences cool wet winters and hot and dry summers .The prevailing winds also play a big role in moderating its climate. The coolest months are January and February while the hottest month is May. Again, its driest months are July and August, and the daily temperature ranges is a maximum of 12 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 5 degrees Celsius. Once in a while, it experiences storms that are violent ,and hailstorms during rainy days .

Transport and communication

The city has a developed transport system. It has an international airport ,which is about 25 kilometers from the town. Additionally, it has four well developed ports namely: Dakhela port ,Alexandria, the eastern, and the Abu Qir. Alexandria also has well developed and maintained roads . They include ;Cairo-Alexandria desert road, Cairo Alexandria agriculture road, Mehwar El Ta ‘meer road and the international coastal road. Railway networks are equally developed as well as trams and metros .

Sports and culture

Football is the main sport that is played at Alexandria. It has a large multipurpose stadium. The stadium’s capacity about 20,000 people. It was used to host the 2006 Africa Cup of Nations. Other sports such as basketball and surfing are also played.

It is also a major cultural center .It holds the royal library of Alexandria which was founded during the third century. Other historic sites like The Alexandria National Museum, The Graeco Roman Museum are also found there. Additionally, it has a large theatre knows as the Alexandria opera house which hosts classical music performances, ballet and Arab music performances .

Education and worship

The city holds famous and large places of worship. The most dominant religion is Muslim. Mosques like Ali Ibn Talib are found there. Churches like the church of Alexandria are also found there. Judaism is also present but its not as rampant as Muslim .

Apart from that, quite a number of higher institutions are also found in the city Universities like Alexandria University and Alexandria Institute of Technology are found there. The most popular schools are English – Language schools

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