Nicholas Cage age, family, wife, children, movies, net worth.

Nicholas Cage
Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage whose birth name is Nicholas Kim Coppola is an American film director and an actor. He was born in Long Beach, in the US. Additionally, he is approximately 1.83 meters tall.

How old is Nicholas Cage?

So, Cage was born on 7th January 1964 to a professor and a dancer. Therefore, he is 60 years old.

His parents and siblings

The talented actor was born to August Coppola and Joy Vogelsang. Besides being a dancer, his mother was also a choreographer. Additionally, he had two siblings, Christopher and mark whose information is not available for public.

Nicholas Cage education and childhood

So, his childhood can best be described as crippled. He grew up thinking that he was an alien from another country. Again, he was actually surprised that he had body organs and bones. He schooled at Beverly hills, American conservatory theatre, Justin Siena Highschool and UCLA school of theatre respectively.


However, Cage has been married five times. His first marriage was to Patricia Arquette from 1995 with whom they divorced in 2001. Again, he married Lisa Marie Presley in the year 2002 but they separated in year 2004. His third wife was Alice kin who he married in 2004 and divorced in 2016. His fourth wife, Erika Koike whom he married in 2019 divorced him after three months. Therefore, the current wife is Riko Shibata who she married in 2021.

His children and grand children

He has had three children from his previous relationships. The names of the children are Weston, Kai El Coppola and August. Again, he is privileged to have one grandchild, named Venice Zohar.


Cage begun acting at the age of 18 in a drama in high school. His first Film Fast times at ridge mount valley girl was facilitated by his uncle. The film moonstruck and raising Arizona opened his door of success. He got an academy award for best actor when he filmed leaving Las Vegas. Again, he has been featured in several action movies there after. As a producer he has produced the movie shadow of the vampire in his production theatre company called Saturn films. This mark his remarkable success. Again, he has won one academy award, a golden globe award and one screen actors guild award.

Nicholas cage movies

So, he has filmed several movies some of them being action movies like The rock, The ghost rider series, Kick ass, Family man, Leaving Las Vegas, face off, national treasure, moonstruck and wild at heart.

Net worth

His net worth is approximated to $ 25 dollars. It is quite a low net worth but it is because he had accumulated debts which had amounted to millions of dollars. However, he confirmed to finish paying the debts.

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