A list of best organic oils for skin problems.

Organic oils

Organic oils are oils that are retrieved from plant leaves, flowers, roots, and seeds. Therefore, these oils are said to be natural and best advised for use by people with skin problems either those with dry skin or oily skin.

Best organic oils for dry skin.

Dry skin is often a result of old age or dry climatic conditions. It is often advisable to use moisturizers as this helps it not look dry but there are some essential oils suitable for dealing with this. Here are a few essential oils for dry skin;

Lavender organic oil

Lavender is a sleep smoother and generally relaxes the skin from overstretching effects. This keeps the oil glands less straining in the production of the oils. Lavender neutralizes the overproduction of oil.

Eucalyptus Essential Oils.

Eucalyptus oils are oils that one uses on pimples that arise as a result of scratching the dry skin. This oil soothes dry skin and the rashes that come along from itching.

Chamomile Essential Oils.

Chamomile is best used as a reducing agent for inflamed skin. However, it is advisable for those with allergic reactions to weeds that grow in open sunlight, to use the product with caution.

Carrot Seed Oil.

Carrot seed oil is essential for reducing wrinkles that arise from overstretched skin. The oil soothes the skin and retains moisture.

Sandalwood Based Oils.

Sandalwood oils are extracts from tree barks and roots of some trees. They help in moisture retention of oily skin.

Best organic oils for oily Skin

Organic oils for hair


This type of oil helps in neutralizing the oil production in the oil glands of the skin. Rosemary oil can also work well in hair with dandruff-related issues.

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is what you get by squeezing the outer layer of the lemon fruit. So, It is mostly suitable for oily skins with pimple breakouts.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is often effective to use on skins with pimples breaking out. It neutralizes the oils that the skin releases.

Neroli Oil.

Neroli Oil balances the oil production by the oil glands without causing overstretching and extra drying.

However, the use of these organic oils may differ from one person to another due to their skin type.

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