Mike Lindell age, wife, children, current life, net worth.

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Mike Lindell, also known as my pillow guy is a famous business man and the CEO of my pillow which is a bedding and slipper company. Apart from being a business man he is also a political activist and a conspiracy theorist based in the United States.

How old is Mike Lindell?

So, he was born in June 28 1961 at Mankato Minnesota, United States together with his two sisters. Therefore, he is 62 years old. He was raised at Chaska until his teenage years where he had already begun to gamble. He attended the university of Minnesota but dropped after few months due to cocaine addiction.


However, he was born in a family of five. His parents are Barbara Lindelle and James Lindelle. Both of his parents are Americans. He was however the only son as the siblings are sisters namely Robin Priscilla Lindelle and Cynthia Kay-both Americans. Rumors have it that he had a brother but efforts to find out the truth bore no fruits.

Wife and children of Mike Lindell

Mike has married twice. His first wife was called Karen Dickey and their marriage lasted for twenty years after which she filed a divorce. They had four children namely Heather Lueth, Lizzy Meyers ( daughter),Darren Lindell who is the chief operating officer at my pillow and Charlie Lindell who is the youngest. His second wife was called Dallas Yocum, a 42 year old business woman. Dallas and Lindell however got married for two weeks only. After which it is not known if they are still living together or not. Dallas was lucky to be famous for few weeks though.


Lindell has worked as a support or and advisor of Donald triumph. He financed Triumphs attempt to overturn election results and spread theories about electoral fraud in the elections. He has also promoted medical treatments for Covid19.The businessman also received an honory Doctor of business from liberty university in 2019 where he had an event that featured Lindell’s donation of over 12,000. He has published few books an example being What are odds? In his other book, from crack addict to CEO ,he recounts his recovery from drug addiction.

Current life

However, he still works as a CEO of my pillow but however his products have been removed from companies. He was spotted saying that he had run out of money to pay legal bills

Net worth

He is known for his famous quotes like, I will do what God wants me to do. His net worth is however $ 100 million.

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