Lake Naivasha N. Park location, activities, entry fee.

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Lake Naivasha National Park is in Rift Valley province at the center of Lake Naivasha which is a freshwater lake. The lake is known by locals as a “rough water” lake. This is close to a Maasai word, Naiposha hence the description of rough water. Lake Naivasha National Park is surrounded by Lake Oloidien and Lake Sonachi(green crater lake).

In addition, the park has an extinct volcano, Mt Longonot with a thick vegetation forest around the mountain. However, the park is currently occupied by flower-growing farms. Acacia trees occupy most of the National Park just along the river bank of Lake Naivasha.

Activities at Lake Naivasha National Park

  1. Hiking

Hiking involves some adrenaline rush in the human body. Mt Longonot is the most preferred mountain for hikers as it also challenges one to do more and aim higher. In addition, the mountain is an extinct volcano of 2776 meters high. It is well known for its naming by the Maasai, the Summit Mountain, and takes an average of 4 hours to fully complete the hiking. However, the hiking time entirely depends on one’s personal experience.

2. Horseback Riding

Horse riding at Lake Naivasha allows people to experience the beauty of the lake, the surrounding wildlife, and the lush greenery of the area.

3. Boat Riding

Boat riding involves getting to view the beautiful scenery of the Park while on water. The peddling is done by a professional or someone trained to perform the job. In addition, being on a large water mass gives one the courage to face various life obstacles.

4. Game Viewing

Lake Naivasha National Park

The game drive is one of the best-considered ways to experience game viewing at Lake Naivasha. Therefore, many operators offer guided game drives within the area. However, these people are considered because they are more conversant and help in taking tourists to some of the best spots to view wildlife. Most game drives are carried out early in the morning or late in the afternoon before the animals get active.

5. Nature Walks

Nature walking with friends and families is one of the beneficial ways of relieving stress. It is more fun as people get to share different ideas of things they know about and how well one improves their lifestyle. However, at Lake Naivasha National Park, there is a little-known Crescent Island accessible through a boat or a 4*4 wheel drive. Nature walks are best suited at this place where many animals take rests too.

6. Bird watching

Lake Naivasha is home to over 400 species of birds. These include resident and migratory birds. Some of the bird species to expect at Lake Naivasha are African Fish Eagle, Goliath Heron, Grey-crested Helmetshrike, Grey-backed Fiscal, African Spoonbill, Great White Pelican, Long-tailed Cormorant, Yellow-billed Stork, and many more. However, to have a great watching experience, you should visit during the dry season which is between July and October. This is because the water levels get low, and the birds get crowded in the available water areas

7. Camping

Camping gives you a wonderful experience. However, when planning for camping, you need to consider; choosing the camping spot wisely since there are several camping sites in Lake Naivasha. Also, you need to plan for the weather, carry the right gear, and consider safety by being equipped with a first aid kit.

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