What is Land Reform and the programs it entails?

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Land Reform may be defined as any organized action entitled to improve the structure of tenure and use. Mainly it aims to alter the system of rights to the use of framing parcels in such a way as to achieve the most efficient utilization of agricultural resources. However, reform programs include the following:

  • Tenure reform
  • Consolidation
  • Adjudication and registration
  • Settlement and resettlement

Land Tenure Reform

Tenure reform is a program aimed at altering tenure legislation to enhance efficient utilization.

Important objectives of Tenure Reform

  • To encourage conservation measures on the land.
  • Achieve increasing productivity of both land and labor.
  • Encourage farmers to invest more by offering the security of tenure.
  • To encourage commercial instead of subsistence production to ensure meaningful self-employment in rural areas.

Land Consolidation

It is a reform program undertaken by the government to redistribute land that has been under the fragmented holding in various areas. It means bringing together divided pieces of land under one holding, for better and more effective utilization. The main advantage of land consolidation is that it puts the land in one unit which enhances the following:

  • Proper supervision.
  • Saving on transportation costs.
  • Facilitates soil conservation and improvement.
  • Construction of permanent structures such as fencing and buildings.
  • Control of pests and diseases is enhanced.
  • Gives the farmer legal ownership and the title deed if the is already registered.

Adjudication and Registration

Land Reform

However, it involves the establishment of ownership, measurements, description, and recording. This is one of the practices which is carried out by the government to facilitate legal ownership and reduces disputes among its citizens. A title deed is issued to each farmer whose piece has been adjudicated as evidence of legal ownership.

The following is the information contained in the register and title deed

  • Size of the land.
  • Date of registration.
  • Seal and signature of the issuing officer.

Settlement and Resettlement

So, the term settlement refers to the occupation of a parcel that was previously uninhabited. Resettlement is now the process of transferring people from densely populated areas to sparse areas.

The objectives Redistribution

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