A list of the best Nanyuki tourist sites.

Equator in Nanyuki

Nanyuki is one of the major tourist attraction towns in Kenya. It is in Laikipia County. The town is well known for the ranches as well as a wildlife conservancy center. Game parks are also quite a number in this region. So, the distance between Nairobi town and Nanyuki is approximately 300km which is about 3 hour’s drive to the place.

Here are a few places you should not miss during your Nanyuki visit with friends and family.

1. Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy in Nanyuki

Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy in Nanyuki

Ol Pajeta destination is said to be the home of the only two Northern White female Rhinos said to be remaining in the world. The chimpanzees are also part of this home with good feeding and high security from poaching attacks from the outside community. It is on the Northwest side of Mt Kenya hence creating a spectacular view for tourists.

2. Ngare Ndare Forest in Nanyuki

However, this prestigious location borders both Laikipia and Samburu Counties. It is the home of one of the big 5, elephants. The place has waterfalls and pools that are fit for swimming while enjoying the green canopy of layered trees.

3. The Equator Sign Post.

When traveling to Nanyuki, there is an Equator Sign Post which is just along the road. In addition, clearly explains how residents in this region have summer for the entire year. Most people will take a picture for memories and learn a few things concerning the equator line.

4. Mau Mau Caves, Nanyuki.

During the precolonial era, Mau Mau veterans hid in these caves during the fights. These are the places they were getting breaks from wars and utilizing them fully to sleep and eat comfortably as there was less access to the caves. Accessing the area will need a tour guide.

5. Thompson’s Falls.

This prestigious equatorial fall was named after a geologist who had visited Kenya. It is the most spectacular view on the road with wildlife moving around the gorge areas. A picture taken at the place won’t hurt for memories.

6. Mt Kenya National Park

Mt Kenya National Park is next to the second tallest mountain, per Africa’s mountain ranking. There are lakes, animals such as leopards, several bird species, and various types of trees.

7. Sweetwaters Game Reserve

Sweetwaters Game Reserve is a ranch privately owned next to Mt Kenya. It is the home to most of Kenya’s known black and white rhinos. It also accommodates chimpanzees. Game drives can take place at night as the area has beautiful scenery at night.

8. Mt Kenya Orphanage

Mt Kenya Orphanage was founded as a home for wildlife as a way of curbing extinction. It is located in Nanyuki town a few meters before Mt Kenya. All types of animals and birds can be found here. Some sick animals are also found here as they recover before being taken back to their original homes.

Make a point of visiting the list above to make your trip worth remembering.

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