Hidden places to visit in kenya.

Blood Red Alkaline Lake.

The hidden places to visit in Kenya are as indicated below. Kenya is one of Africa’s most geographically diverse countries, brimming with places worth visiting. However, most people are not aware of these beautiful places. They are;

Mzima springs hidden place in Kenya.

An image of hippopotamus in Mzima springs.

The source is a natural underground reservoir, located beneath the Chyulu hills range, and flows into one of the tributaries of the Tsavo River.

Gura River.

Gura river is located in Nyeri, the central part of Kenya. However, most Kenyans are not aware that the fastest river in Africa is our own Gura River. The river flows from deep in the bowels of the Aberdare range.

Dragon Teeth.

Dragon Teeth break through the flat moorland in the great of Aberdares. Moreover, they are a form of volcanoes in the ranges. The granite peaks are only for serious hikers.

Marafa Hell’s Kitchen.

Marafa Hell’s Kitchen in Malindi.

This is an incredible natural wonder that is easily accessible from Malindi. The drive to this place is very interesting, as people drive over bands of red soil, white chalky soil, and white rocks.

Lake Chala.

An image of Lake Chala.

Lake Chala is also known as challa. It is a crater lake that straddles the border between Kenya and Tanzania. It is located to the east of Mount Kilimanjaro, a few kilometers north of Taveta.

In addition, the lake is surrounded by a steep crater rim with a maximum height of 172 meters. However, the most amazing and surprising thing about lake Chala is the color of the water which changes from turquoise, and blue to green.

The Chalbi Desert.

The Chalbi Desert is in Marsabit county. The desert is so salty that animals use it as naturally occurring saltlick. Also, there is an oasis in the desert called Kalacha, where travelers, animals, and pastoralists go to quench thirst under the palm and acacia trees.

Buxton Tunnel.

Buxton tunnel is located in Limuru, Kiambu county. Therefore, it is among the longest and oldest train tunnels in Kenya. The tunnel was completed in 1901. The tunnel attracts adventure seekers from around the country.

Haunted Pillar of Mbaraki.

Considered the second oldest monument after Fort Jesus. Mbaraki is one of the most controversial sites on Kenya’s coast. However, the historian has not been able to agree on what purpose it serves in the ancient world.

Blood- Red Alkaline Lake.

Located in kapedo, Turkana county. It has always been said by educationists that the lake dries out and salinity increases. In addition, the warm water’s high concentrated salt makes what’s left on the lake a prime breeding ground for Dunaliella algae, which turns the water blood red.

God’s footprint.

God’s footprint, a hidden place in Kenya.

This is about 5 kilometer from Lunga Lunga town. The footprint has drawn more attention and mixed reactions from both residents and visitors, who flock to an area to see this wonder. The area is inhabited by the Duruma people who say the footprint must be God’s since no human foot is that big, making it a religious-related hidden gem tourist attraction.

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