What is Diversity, types, pros, and cons?


Diversity is the mix of different people with different characteristics. Through this, you get to know how everyone views the world from where they are. In addition, we also get to respect other people’s religion, race, age, disability, ethnicity, and gender. There’s no need of pushing someone to do things your own way as we are all from different areas. You come to terms with the different backgrounds at a specific time for example; in a church service, at school, and also in the workplace area.

Different Types of Diversity

There are 4 different types of diversity namely;

1. Internal Diversity

Internal diversity is the relation of a person in the way they are born. In addition to this, they are the self qualities one acquires immediately after birth without any other option or choice. However, these are situations one did not choose to be at. They are; race, origin home, gender, physical ability, their race, age, and ethnicity.

2. External Diversity

External diversity is where people around and other factors influence a person in a general way. A person has the chance of making changes to what they would wish for in their present life. This includes religion, education, citizenship, current location, family status, and own experiences among others. Moreover, these traits highly shape a person’s current status in society.

3. Organization Diversity

Organization diversity is mostly found in the workplace. It involves having equal employment chances among employees without liking a specific person. Everyone is treated fairly and thus making them fit in. There are traits that make some organizations unfair towards people due to gender, race, ethnicity, and sex.

4. Worldview

Diversity and inclusion

In worldview diversity, a person has their own beliefs and stands they make on a particular subject or issue. This is influenced by their own experiences, historical information, and personal upbringing. An example is how a person sees and thinks of politics as they are own decisions.


  • The personal fear a person has reduces as there is freedom of expression.
  • More people are active as the cheer-up keeps them working better than they did before.
  • In addition to this, people are willing to share ideas that sales improvement in the organization.
  • Besides this, an organization gets more profits as production increases.
  • Handling all employees in the organization in a fair manner.

Diversity Issues in the Workplace.

There are issues that act as a hinder to the growth of the organization where diversity is being practiced and including the following;

  • Accepting and respecting every person in the workplace regardless of their age, color and origin.
  • Every person has their own beliefs which they strongly stand for. It is important that one lives with what other people believe without changing their stand.
  • Disabilities either physically or mentally lead to incomplete work as there are tasks one is not capable of doing. These disabilities limit their work efforts. Some mentally affected people have issues operating machinery.
  • There is a huge gap between employees and this results in bad relationships among them. The youths rarely share what they are up to and it’s a bit difficult for the old age to learn about improving technology in a quicker way.
  • Different people use different languages while communicating and understanding each other’s opinions is a challenge.

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