Types of Self-Esteem and Best Ways To Boost It.

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Self-esteem is the feeling of how one sees themselves without the opinion of others. There are 3 different types of self-esteem namely;

1. Sense of Superiority

A sense of superiority refers to the thought and seeing your achievement is way better than other people’s. Opponents of your own opinion always seem to be a threat to yourself.

2. Others’ Approval

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The sense of approval is whereby other people’s opinion matter in things we do being it in a positive or negative way. This is like waiting for validation from others that determines how good you are at a task.

3. Uniqueness

Each person has their own ways in which they are not similar to others. This is in terms of their way of reacting to situations in life whether when happy or sad. There are people who cry when sad while others prefer being quiet. However, some will shout to release all they got in their mind. In addition to this, some are neither in any of the above so one can’t really tell their reaction.

Low self-esteem

Low esteem may be a lack of confidence in your abilities, personality, and other value you show to people in your life. Low self-esteem may result from;

  • Failure of feeling a sense of security in your life.
  • Doubting about your gender, sexuality, and your body
  • Not having a feeling of belonging to your family, friends, and colleagues.

High self-esteem

So, high esteem means having a positive attitude towards your abilities and place in the world. It can be brought about by;

  • Having confidence in your ability to create changes and withstand challenges in your life
  • Holding a sense of confidence and pride in your identity
  • A feeling of belonging in your family, school, and other groups.

Components of self-esteem

However, it is made up of four attitudes about self. These are; your confidence,  sense of identity, sense of belonging, and self-assurance in your abilities. 

Your self-confidence

So, confidence is about the sense of security you have in yourself and in your life. You can only grow only with the feeling of security that your needs are being met. Such needs are having a place to live, physical health, and stability in finances.

Your identity

The identity you have is important to your self-esteem because that is the knowledge you have about yourself. It can include confidence in your body, gender, sexuality, job, beliefs,  culture, and anything about you. Therefore, being confident about these things help you understand what you need and what you want to make it in life.

Feeling like you belong

This is a feeling of welcome and activity where you are in life. whether in your school, workplace, family, and other groups.

Having confidence in your abilities

Also, feeling confident in your abilities is important so that you can control what happens to you. Being confident in what you do helps you handle big challenges, and make the changes you need to make. However, being confident in your abilities is about learning from mistakes and being resilient in the face of failures.

Best Ways of Boosting Self Esteem

There are several ways of boosting low esteem and also improving the current esteem issues. These are;

1. Be patient and kind to yourself.

It is always advised to give yourself time to make improvements and corrections where you might have been wrong. However long this takes in achieving specific goals one needs to be patient with themselves. In return always appreciate yourself for having made it that far.

2. Living in A Positive Environment

A positive environment is an environment where one is surrounded by like-minded people with the same goals. People always push one to higher limits and this makes one achieve better results.

3. Learn To Say No.

No is what most people fail to say when not in agreement with what others are saying. The greatest fear is that of being judged for disagreeing with what other friends propose. Saying no clearly shows how principled one is.

4. Challenging Yourself More.

Challenging yourself more involves setting a little bit higher goals than what you know you can easily achieve. By doing this, you work more and meet more new people hence increasing your network channels.

5. Find your Major Strengths.

There is always one thing that a person will always be good at. This might be being talented more in doing things like event planning, cooking, or even singing. Always work on your major strengths for you to achieve your set goals.

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