Various Signs She is Pretending to love you.

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What are the Signs She is Pretending to love you? We all know that love in the real world isn’t a walk in the park set to a catchy tune despite every romantic comedy. Sometimes falling in love may contain moments of pure magic and also can hold slivers of unimaginable pain. Loving someone who is just pretending to love you is one of the worst kinds.

The actual experience of seeing that someone doesn’t really love you is excruciating. However, you might also pretend for a while that you don’t see it. You might tell concerned friends and family that everything is fine but not really as fine. You all make excuses and explain it all away, but behind the surface, the truth is growing. It pushes through your denial, your explanation, and your own fierce desire to hold on.

There are signs that she’s pretending to love you. It might feel too painful to look at a head but it might be just exactly what you need to set you free. These signs include:

She wants to keep you a secret.

While she might be happy with you in private, you will notice that she doesn’t want to go public with the relationship and she always has a reason. If you end up out with her, you might notice that she keeps her distance, keeps friendly photos rather than romantic and always have a denial that you are ever together at all.

You might think you are being paranoid but she keeps you a secret for a reason. Such a person is just pretending that she loves you and in reality, she doesn’t.

She Treats You Differently Around Other People.

The person she is when the two of you are together is everything you’ve ever wanted. However, you’ve noticed that she’s not that same person when you’re out with her around other people. She can be critical, outright, and dismissive of you when other people are present. She’s just not that nice to you and no amount of explaining it away removes the Sting.

She Cheats On You.

Signs of Pretending to love you

If a person loves you and she is adored you by all means, it’s rare for her to betray you with another person. If she was really head over heels in love, you wouldn’t be suspicious of infidelity or finding evidence of it. Therefore, a person who cheats on you isn’t a person who loves you.

Even if you’ve forgiven her and she says she loves you more than ever, you might notice that she avoids the hard conversations and she doesn’t want to be reminded of her betrayal. However, she just wants you to treat her like you always did and sweep any other inconvenient emotions away so that she doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable. A person who loves would not act that way.

She Doesn’t Respect You.

If you really look at her behaviors, you won’t see a lot of respect. In fact, every time you give up more of yourself for her, she respects you just a little less. While she might say and sometimes do the right things, she doesn’t really respect you or your decisions.

It’s not hard to see if you’re paying attention. Is she the type who rolls her eyes anytime you speak or immediately dismisses suggestions you make? Does she criticize you in Infront of others and complain about the things that make you? In reality, these are not the actions of a loving partner.

She Is Inconsistent With Contact.

You will note that the woman who is pretending to be in love with you is inconsistent with her contact. Her response times seem to be more erratic the longer you know her. It’s not that she doesn’t text back, but whether she makes a timely response her priority.

You can explain this one way. Might be she’s busy or her job and other responsibilities are demanding. However, it’s not until you see how she responds quickly to other messages she receives in your presence that you realize that she doesn’t treat you with the same consideration.

She’s Only Affectionate When She Can Benefit.

A woman who pretends to love you will only be affectionate when she stands to benefit from buttering you up. Don’t be surprised if she notices and takes full advantage of a little affection from her results in a gift from you. If it seems like the rest of the time you cannot tell if she even likes you anymore, you might grow suspicious at the timing of her affectionate behavior.

She keeps Trying to Change you.

This is another key sign that she’s just pretending to love is that she keeps trying to change you. She wants to change the way you dress, the way you walk, how you present yourself, or even what you like to do during your free time.

Her constant Criticisms are often accompanied by suggestions. She has an idea of who you should be and anything that doesn’t align with that idea is the subject of her disapproval. Such a person does not really care about your goals. She is more focused on getting to fall in line with hers. However, that’s not what love looks like.

She Doesn’t Seem Excited To See You.

A woman in love with light up when she sees you. Even if she’s not particularly demonstrative, you will still see in her eyes. However, a woman who is playing at love might not seem all excited to see you. Your presence may make her seem embarrassed, bored, or annoyed.

It is not just that she just takes you for granted. She is also not excited about the two of you as a couple. She can even ship her favorite celebrity couple with real enthusiasm but your romantic might just earn you an eye roll as a reward.

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