Types of Nipple shapes, and sizes.

A type of nipple 1

The nipple is the small projection in which the mammary ducts of female mammals terminate and from which milk can be terminated. Breasts come in different shapes and sizes for both men and women. However, did you know that there are different types of nipples too?

Hairy nipple

Just as some men can grow hair around their areola, likewise to women. Women can have pubic-like hairs growing around the outside of their nipples.

In most cases, this may be due to serious issues such as crushing syndrome.

The Third nipple

It’s true that they do exist. It is professionally referred to as a tiny, well, nipple that appears on the body.

These nips can grow anywhere including the face. They are commonly referred to as the third nipples when they appear on the chest.

Bumpy nipple

Have you ever noticed tiny bumps around your nipples? They may look similar to pimples but they never grow a head on them.

These bumps are commonly on women. Much like the rest of your body parts, these bumps mostly vary from person to person. Some may be less or more noticeable and may differ in color or size. However, they are totally healthy and normal.

Inverted nipple

Different types of nipple

Do you know belly buttons can either be considered an in or out? The same case can be applied to nipples.

Massaging the nipples is encouraged by some doctors to make them come out while others have their mates suck on them to draw them to the foreground.

Long nipple

When someone says a nipple is long, they are likely referring to the swelling itself. Those girls with long nipples make sucking and teasing an absolutely easy task. This is a normal nipple type even if it has its own obsession.

Large nipple

This loose term often refers to a larger-than-average areola as opposed to the nipple itself. The female areola grows larger as she goes through puberty.

While most of the areolae grow in proportion to females’ breast size, some can even get extremely huge or even smaller breasts. These large pigmented areas are totally and definitely kinked after them again.

Small nipple

Small nipples are another brand of nipples that has to do with genetics.

While most nipples expand in size during puberty, this isn’t always the case. However small nipples are sexy too!!.

Flat or Enlarged nipple

As this name suggests, these nipples often take on a bloated, swollen look, or may lay entirely flat on the breast. These are more common during the teenage. However, all nipples are different and you may carry on as flat, enlarged, or straight into your adult years.

Were you traumatized thinking your nip wasn’t the norm? Don’t sweat it. Now you know there is a rainbow variety of nipples on the market, each more fabulous than the last.

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