Tourist attraction sites in Lamu County, Kenya.

Lamu old town

There are several tourist attraction sites in Lamu county. Lamu is along the Northern coast of Kenya. It also borders three counties, namely; Tana River County, Garissa, and Somalia.

1. Lamu Old Town tourist attraction site in Lamu.

Lamu Museum

It retains traditional functions making it the oldest and the best-preserved Swahili settlement. Lamu old town is located on Lamu island (part of Lamu Archipelago) off the coast of Kenya in the Indian Ocean.

2. Lamu Museum.

Lamu Museum is a tourist attraction site in the Northern Coast and has one of the most beautiful and Serene locations.

3.Shela Beach.

Shela beach is the longest beach and popular beach on Lamu Island. It provide a collection of enchanting houses .

4.Matondoni Village.

This is a peaceful little fishing village that receives visitors from different places. Moreover, it is a nice scenery to enjoy the view of Dhows .

5. Siyu Fort.

Siyu Fort exists from the 19th century where people visit to see construction of coral and a small Mosque within it.

6. Halal Safaris tourist attraction site in Lamu.

Halal is well known due to their friendly packages that allow travelers to discover the unique Islamic history . Moreover, they provide tailored luxury Halal Safaris.

7. Lamu Mysteries.

A tour is run in a fun and entertaining way through a cultural and photographic treasure and hunting game.

8. Town Square.

Town square is an opened public area which is well spaced. The site, mostly found in the heart of traditional town, usually carry most activities concerning the community and community gathering .

9.Takwa Ruins.

Takwa Ruins is the remains of thriving Swahail trading town, also the place carry some weight and tourist treasure it because of its dense settlement and the well preserved remains.

10.Tusitiri Dhow.

Dhows are traditional wooden sailing boats. Tusitiri Dhow is the Lamu archipelago on the north Kenyan Coast. Therefore, place is ideal for families or groups with an interest of visiting a unique and private place with experience amongst beautiful and historic Islands. Activities in the place are;

  • with prior arrangements, one can enjoy Scuba diving.
  • Cultural excursions to Kiwayu marine park and ancient Takwa Ruins.
  • Sundowner drinks on the beach.
  • paddleboard in the quiet Mangroove creeks.
  • Snorkel the coral reefs.
  • Sails on Tusitiri.

11. Kiwayu Island.

Kiwayu as tourist attraction site is a small Island 60kilometers from Lamu. However, the main attraction of Kiwayu Island is the proximity of the Kiunga marine National reserve and the marine surrounding Kiwayu bay. Moreover, the existence of the two major ocean currents creates special environmental conditions that take care of three marine habitats. So, the habitats are mangroves, seagrass beds and, coral reefs. here you get a chance to view the most endangered mammal in Kenya, the manatees.

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