Denise Huskins age, children, husband kidnap, Netflix, net worth.

Denise Huskins image
Denise Huskins image

Denise Huskins is a skilled physical therapist. She is known for surviving a horrible kidnap in the year 2015. She was kidnapped by an unknown intruder who had worn a face mask when she was still in her home at California. However, the intruder was later unveiled as Matthew Muller.

Age and early life

So, the famous therapist was born on February 17 1987 at California. Therefore, she is 37 years old. Her parents are Jane and Mike whose more information is currently unavailable. Denise has one known sibling, Devin Huskins.

She studied at Edison High School and completed in the year 2005. Later, she joined California university where she studied a bachelors degree in Kinesiology. In addition to that, she joined Chapman university where she studied Physical therapy.

Husband and children of Denise Huskins

Apart from being a therapist, Huskins is also a wife to Aaron Quinn. He is also a physical therapist who trains athletes. The pair has two children together, Naomi and Olivia .


Her fame rose to the limelight after her escapade with the police officer Matthew Muller. Despite all she went through, she was never listened to because her case turned out to be ‘scripted.’ Later, she wrote her first book and wrote about her story.

She is also a professional therapist. Currently, she is working as a physical therapist in an unmentioned setting. More information about her career is however currently unavailable.

Books written by Denise Huskins

Huskins has written a book about her predicaments in 2015. The book is known as From crime victims to suspect survivors.

Denise Huskins story on Netflix

The newest crime series on Netflix seems like a flashback on the predicaments that she faced in 2015. Huskins was sexually assaulted by a police officer. Upon reporting, she was dismissed. Her accusations were named as a hoax. The men in uniform compared her story to that of the famous film, gone girl. Her story is being featured on Netflix as American Nightmare .

Net worth

Her net worth is best approximated to be 2 million dollars.

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