Tourist Attraction in Nyeri County.

Mt. kenya national park Nyeri county
Mt. kenya national park Nyeri county

Nyeri is located in the central region of Kenya. It’s the capital and largest town in Nyeri. So, It is currently under the leadership of H.E Governor Muhati Kahiga. Nyeri has a population of 759,164 as of 2019. The country is strategically in the fertile and densely populated highlands. The following are tourist-attracting sites in Nyeri.

Nyeri Museum.

This is housing in a national monument. It was built in 1924. Its purpose is to showcase customary law cases, premature death by clan elders in the villages. However, the museum has an exclusive collection of artifacts depicting the life and rich culture of the Gikuyu community. The sears hare are inbuilt and concrete where the judges of the cases sit being slightly raised to give a sense of authority.

Mount Kenya.

Mount Kenya is an extinct volcano with just one central vent. This is the highest mountain in Kenya. However, it has three peaks namely; Batian, Nelion, and Point Lenana. M.T Kenya plays hist to dense bamboo and rainforests on its lower slopes. The trek up Mount Kenya demands a degree of fitness and attitude smarts.

Baden- Powell Tomb.

This is the grave of Lieutenant General the 1st Baron Baden Powell and his wife, Olave, Baroness Baden Powell. In addition, Lord Baden Powell died on 8 January 1941. Laid to rest in St. peters Cemetery in the Wajee Nature park. However, his gravestone bears a circle with a dot in the centre, which is the trail sign for “Going home”.

Chaka Ranch.

Chaka Ranch is a leisure park hotel in Nyeri County. It has a unique outdoor entertainment facility. However, it comprises the biggest and widest collection of quad bikes. The ranch has an expansive space between the breathtaking views of Mount Kenya and Aberdare Mountain Ranch. The range is about 225km and 2 hrs drive from Nairobi. In addition, Chaka ranch is owned by The Royal media services Director, Mr Wachira

Mount Kenya National Park.

Established in 1949 to protect Mount Kenya, the wildlife and the surrounding environment. However, the National Park has many unusual species of plants. Therefore, when hiking trekkers can take in some of the most beautiful scenery in the region. It has pristine wilderness with lakes, tarns, glaciers, and peaks of great beauty.

Italian war Memorial Church.

This is a popular destination, wherein it rests Italian soldiers from the second world war. Built-in 1952. However, inside, one finds a splendid alter at the front of the church. It’s five-kilometre from Nyeri town. The church attracts many Italian tourists who pay damage to their fallen Italian prisoner.

Mau Mau caves.

The Mau Mau caves are thought to have been the hideout of the mau mau freedom fighters. Established in 1959. Unfortunately, it was badly damaged during the tumultuous Mau Mau rebellion. Visitors find most safaris in the area around Mount Kenya. Generally, include a visit to the caves, although with a stiff 3 hours walk just to get to the caves. However, the opening hours are daily.

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