Oscar Pistorius age, wife, children, imprisonment, career, net worth.

Oscar Pistorius Christmas jpg
Oscar Pistorius Christmas jpg

Oscar Pistorius is a former convicted murderer and a sprinter from south Africa. He had his two feet amputated at 11 months since he had a congenital defect. His full name is Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius. He is 1.60 meters tall and 80.6 kilograms heavy .

Age and family.

The famous sprinter was born on 22 Nov 1986 at Johannesburg, South Africa. Therefore, he is 37 years old. His parents are Sheila Pistorious and Henke. He has two Siblings Carl and Aimee. Carl is his elder brother while Aimee is the youngest sister. Pistorious has three tattoos. The first one is on a Bible verse, he other one about the Olympics ring and the last one about his mother’s birth and death dates.

The early life of Oscar Pistorius

So, he was raised in a strict Christian family. His mom died when he was 15 years old. However, he was born with a disorder. Therefore, he had his legs amputated slightly below the knees and above the ankles. He schooled at Pretoria boys high school. While in school, he played tennis and rugby. However, he got injuries on his knee. As a result, he was introduced to racing. Additionally, he had his first racing blades fitted by Francousi van DER watt. He studied a bachelor of commerce in business management in the University of Pretoria.

Wife and children of Oscar Pistorius

Despite fame and a lot of recognition, Oscar has never been married. He has had a previous relationship with Reeva Steenkamp that did not end up well. Also, he has no known children of his own.


His zeal for championship begun as early as 2008. At this time, he hungered to participate in non disabled events. He did not give up despite being closed out due to his disability. Therefore, he was the first amputee to participate in 2011 world championships in athletics and won a medal in the competitions. Again, he was also the first amputee to participate in the 2012 summer Olympics games and finished second in the 400m race. During the 2012 summer Paralympics, he carried the flag during the opening ceremony. He participated in the 400m race and won a gold medal.


Oscar had been imprisoned for shooting and killing dead his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The incident happened on valentine’s day in the year 2013. Following conviction, he denied. He said that he thought it was an intruder who had sneaked in the bathroom. Reeva was a law graduate and a model too.

Oscar Pistorius released

After serving for 11 years in prison, he was finally released from prison on parole. Earlier, he had been denied parole. This is because he had not served more than half of the years he had been sent to jail. So, he was released on Friday 5th January 2024.

Net worth

The famous sprinter had a net worth of $150 M before his time of imprisonment.

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