Phrases to use Other Than “I Love You”.

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There are several phrases that you can use instead of saying I love you all the time. Most of the time we don’t downplay the importance of these three little words ‘I Love You ‘that three weeks or two years in a relationship still have the power to make your heart skip a beat.

But knowing his to say I love you at the right time is essential. However, there are other phrases each with its own positive ripple effects in your relationship. Learn how to tell a girl you love her and still learn how to utter these phrases she’s dying to hear.

Secrets Way’s To Say You Love Her In Code.

Just saying “I Love You” has been used many times now and then. However, there are some phrases you can still to indicate that you love her but in a secret way. She Will always feel loved and adored very much and remain faithful to you. Here are some of the phrases you should use other than saying I love you.

You Can Do It

One of the Important roles a partner plays in our lives is being a cheerleader in everything and every time. So whether you are ready to tap out and leave unswallowed that last delicious bite of fried chicken or you are preparing to lead a huge project work alone, it’s time for your partner to break out the poms and Cheer you on.

I Am Proud Of You

When you finish a last bite of a healthy salad instead of your usual doughnut or kick butt at your work project, the best thing your man can do is swell with pride and express just how he thinks he rocks. Knowing you impressed yourself is great in and of itself but blowing his mind is a new level of awesome.

You Are Beautiful

We’ve all been the recipients of insincere compliments. Because of that, too often this phrase only elicits an eye roll. However, there is nothing like the feeling we get when a man we love drops this doozy as we wake up, our unwashed mascara smudged along our puffy eyes, and knowing he means it.

This is a phrase that indicates that he loves even without saying I love you.

I Appreciate You


We all take out the trash because that’s what you do when it’s full. We fold their socks into pairs because we can’t stand the thought of another stray, lonely argyle without its mate. It’s nothing special and it’s certainly about recognition.

However, a man can turn the mundane into something more when he recognizes our acts of service are Acts of love.

Let Me Take You On A Date

We all know that routine is the silent killer of passion, people. So when a man wants to break free from binge-watching Netflix and take you out for a night on the town or even for a cooked meal on your patio, all he’s saying is he wants to keep the spark alive and roaring.

All he means by saying this is that he loves you and cares about you and she is concerned about you.

I Support You

If your man’s got your back, it’s akin to having the full force of HGTV behind you when you purchase that fixer-upper. You are sure that there is nothing you can’t do.

He will always support you financially and Socially and be always by your side.

I Am Sorry

Most of us don’t mean the insincere variety tossed-out middle argument meant to shut you up. We are talking about the “I am sorry, I understand where you are coming from and there’s no problem,I feel bad that I contributed to this situation and a going to do my best to make sure that it never happens again “.

Now when it is said that way, is there anything more loving?

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