Kill bacteria in the mouth and stop bad breath.

Teeth checkup to avoid bacteria int he mouth.

Do you want to kill bacteria in the mouth and stop bad breath?  To begin with, bacterias are single-celled microscopic organisms that exist in millions and they are able to survive in different environments. Therefore, they are able to stay in the human body and in the mouth too. So, as you eat, drink, and breathe, the oral cavity is alive and very active. Saliva is the fluid in the mouth which helps in softening food and cleaning the oral cavity. Also, it has enzymes that start the digestive process in the mouth. Therefore, this is where the formation of bacteria begins due to the initial digestive process.

However, the initial result of bad breath is bacteria buildup, which releases noxious odors or gasses.  Also, some oral diseases such as gum disease and cavities may also lead to bad breath. Researchers have shown that 80% of bad breath results from oral hygiene and dental health.  There are also other causes of bad breath such as acid reflux or stomach problems, internal medical conditions like diabetes, liver disease, respiratory tract infections, and chronic bronchitis.

Causes of bacteria in the mouth.

Food– Food plays a big role in causing a bad odor in the mouth. Some foods such as onions, garlic, fish, chees, and acidic beverages such as coffee may leave an unpleasant smell in a mouth for a while. Also, leaving stuck food in the mouth leads to the growth of plaque. These remaining in the mouth left for some time cause a bad smell.

Diets that are low in carbohydrates also produce a ketone breath when the body is burning its fat to produce energy.

Tobacco– Tobacco leaves some chemicals in the mouth which cause bad breath. It may also cause some oral diseases.

Poor oral hygiene– Failure to maintain oral hygiene brings about a build-up of plaque, which is the sticking of left food particles on the teeth. This plaque then causes bad breath. This is because of the bacteria working on feeding on them. This bacteria also causes toxins to form which is irritable to the gum.

Also, this bad breath as a result of plaque build-up may cause oral diseases like gum disease and cavities. It may also damage the jawbone and the gum.

Diseases– Diseases and illnesses such as seasonal allergies, infections like pneumonia and bronchitis, sinuses, diabetes, acid reflux, lung, kidney, or liver infection may lead to bad breath. Therefore, ensure you visit medical personnel regularly for check-ups.

Ways to kill bacteria in the mouth and stop bad breath.

Bacteria in the mouth

Brush your teeth twice a day and floss.

Brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day removes food remains and plaque before bacterias start growing on them. So, brushing 20 minutes after every meal is advisable. Also, using toothpaste that contains baking soda helps clear the possibility of bacterias growing which may lead to bad breath.

Visit the dentist two times a year.

If your oral hygiene is good and your gum and teeth are healthy,  you should make a minimum of two visits to the dentist every year, for biannual cleaning. These visits help give your teeth a professional cleaning. It also gives an opportunity for your dentist to check for any possible developments of oral infection or disease. This is because in case you have good oral health and still suffer from bad breath, the dentist helps in identifying the possible cause.

Hydrate more often.

Water is a very essential ingredient in healthy saliva production. It also helps in flushing leftover food and bacteria from the mouth after eating. A dry mouth is at a higher chance of smelling bad.

Brush your tongue.

Your tongue may be a breeding point for the unwanted organisms that cover its surface. They make it look more white than pink. Brushing your tongue after meals will also help solve the problem of bad breath.

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