Prince Harry age, early life, wife, children, books, career, net worth.

Prince Harry image jpg
Prince Harry image jpg

Prince Harry is a member of the royal family of British His full name is henry Charles Albert David. He is the grandson of the famous queen Elizabeth of British. The Duke of Sussex is in the fifth lineage of inheritance.

Age and Early life of Prince Harry

So, he was born on 15th November 1984 at England, UK. Therefore, he is 39 years old. He is the son of princess Diana and King Charles 3. The duke of Sussex has only one sibling known as William. Harry’s parents divorced in the year 1996. However, his mom died in a tragic road accident in the year 1997. Harry and his brother William inherited their mothers wealth.

However, he studied in prestigious private schools. These are; Ludgrove Wetherby school, Royal military academy, Sandhust defense helicopter flying school and Eton college respectively. He loved playing polo and Rugby.

The career of Prince Harry

Most of Harry’s career revolved around the military. Upon completion or training at Royal military Academy, he got commissioned in to the blues and royals as a cornet. However, there was a heated debate about his deployment. Despite the uncertainties, he got deployed on duty twice in Helmand office and with the army Air cops. Later, he begun working as a cadet. He was deployed to patrol Maysan Governorate in the year 2007.

After working as a cadet, he moved to Lesotho. Here, he worked with orphaned children and took care of them. Also, he produced a movie, The forgotten kingdom. Harry also served in the head quarters of London district as a staff officer. This was upon completion of air cops attachment. However, he took a break from the army forces in 17th march 2015. Later, he resumed on 6th April 2015 to the Mark Binshin, Australia’s chief Defense. He officially left military appointment on January 2020.

Wife and children

Harry is a husband to Meghan Markle. They tied the knots in the year 2018. The two collaborated and founded Archewell inc, a charitable organization. They also filmed the Netflix film, Harry and Meghan. It was launched on December, 2020. The couple has birthed two children together, Archie and Lilibet.


The duke of Sussex authored One book, spare. The book made it’s best sales in the year 2023.However, the book is insinuated to be about his family members. As a result, they have not taken it well.

Ridicule by Joe Kay

In a recent ceremony, Joe Kay publicly criticized Meghan and Harry’s film. In his speech, he said that the two were getting paid for doing nothing. The crowd roared in laughter, but the media took it otherwise. The joke was brutal, and unnecessary.

Net worth

Prince Harry has an estimated net worth of $6 million. Most of which came from the sale of his book, Spare.

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