Bus Rapid Transit(BRT) in Kenya.

BRT operation
BRT operation

Bus Rapid Transit in Kenya is a high-performance bus system. It delivers fast services for instance busways, fare collection, and enhanced stations. The following are characteristics of a Bus Rapid Transit.

  • The buses have their own lanes to prevent traffic. This is possible even during rush hours.
  • These buses have traffic signals. They receive a longer green light when running late.
  • In addition, the buses are always on time, They have a GPS tracking which show the accurate time for the bus arrival.
  • Passengers pay fare at the station instead of on the bus. This reduces confusion and waiting time.
  • The vehicles are special in that they are larger than other buses. The buses have doors on both sides for easier movement.

Bus Rapid Transit in Kenya was suggested by NAMATA( Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority) in 2019. This was to reduce traffic and congestion in Nairobi. Construction of the stations has already started along Thika road. In addition, other routes are along the Waiyaki way and the outer ring road.

The cost of the bus is $100,000 for the medium ones. However, the larger ones cost $200,000 each.

Advantages of the Bus Rapid Transit.

  • The buses are very comfortable.
  • They are fast.
  • Prevent traffic delays.
  • Reduces the risk of accidents on the roads.
  • The prices are cost effective.
  • It is a safe and secure public transport system.
  • The buses reduces air pollution.

Disadvantages of the Bus Rapid Transit.

  • It is expensive to construct the stations.
  • If the bus breaks down midway, there is no refund of the money to the passengers.
  • Increase in traffic for the motorists.
  • In addition, the bus drivers can be rough and intimidate other drivers.

Challenges facing the BRT Construction in Kenya.

One of the problems that Bus Rapid Transit Construction is facing is inadequate capital for the low materials. In addition, money to pay the workers is also a problem. The decision to bring the Bus Transit system to Kenya was rushed.

In conclusion, the Bus Rapid Transit is an effective system to control traffic in Nairobi. However, the government should look for ways to overcome the challenges. Also, they should ensure it is effective and affordable to Kenyans.

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