Fake doctor arrest in Kakamega

Fake Doctor arrest.
Fake Doctor arrest.

Fake doctor arrest in Kakamega county today, 3rd March 2022. Police in Kakamega did arrest a man claiming to be a surgeon in a private hospital in Khwisero sub-county.

Police claims

The sub-countys’ commander of the police by the name of Samuel Kogo said that. “This suspect got an offer at the dispensary where his claims were to be a professional surgeon”.

According to Kogo, the owner said that the man had some problems handling the patients.

” The owner of the dispensary, being a doctor did sense that something was not on the right track. During the job interview, he did decide to give him a simple test and see how he could handle it. After some time, the owner did notice that something was amiss after seeing the way he did interact with the patient”. Said Kogo.

” The owner did summon the doctor on duty and told him to keep watch on the suspect. In addition, he told him to do a research and find out if he was a qualified doctor as his claim”. He said the patient did try to escape when the doctor on duty did approach him. However, the doctor’s aim was to know if the suspect had any knowledge concerning medics.

The fake doctor

Firstly, the doctor did ask him if he understood common medical jargon. Secondly, if he knew about certain illnesses and how to handle them.

Rather than answering the questions, the suspect “fake doctor” did try to run away but the owner raised an alarm.

His arrest

“The residents did manage to capture the man and arrest him before he could escape,” said the police.

After the capture, the mob did lay some blows on the suspect before the police came to his rescue. ” He got a rescue from the police and he is nursing serious injuries on his head,” said Kogo.

Police did recover some medicines that the suspect had in his bag that were not branded by the suspect. “We could not immediately establish the type of medicines he had in his backpack.”

Fake doctor confession

The suspect did confess that he is not a doctor during some questioning in the police station. He is currently in jail there as a criminal.

Kogo said that he will report to the court after the investigations.

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