The best nicknames to call your boyfriend.

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Facts with nicknames are that they are an easy way to add fun and affection to your relationship with your boyfriend always. It can be an inside joke or his favorite pastime, but there is sure to be something about him you can make up a unique nickname that he will love hearing from you every day.

The best thing about having a husband or a boyfriend is coming up with fun nicknames for him. Besides calling your man something sweet and endearing like sweetie, honey, or something silly that brings out his playful side, there’s nothing more fun than putting a nickname on it. Here are some cute nicknames to call your boyfriend that you may not have thought of before:

Papa Bear

This is the guy who is always looking out for you and you are the one he calls when he needs help. It’s true that you might not be his family member but you are the closest thing he has. You find that he loves you and cares about you unconditionally and you know that he can do anything for you. Whether it’s late at night or early in the morning, when he gets a call from your number, his voice is immediately filled with love and concern because when it comes down to it your feelings are what matters most to him. This is one of the best nicknames to call your boyfriend.


The guy who brightens up your day is the best nickname for him. There is nothing awesome and feeling good like being around someone who brings sunshine into your life and makes you feel like anything is possible. Therefore give him this nickname and he will love it. When it comes to sweet names for boyfriends, it doesn’t get any better than this. It is one of those sweet nicknames that will make his heart melt with joy. This also shows how much he means to you because of how often you use his name in various ways.

Snuggle Bunny

For those guys who love to cuddle, this is a sweet nickname for your boyfriend and it shows that you care. He feels the same way because you want him close by. In this way, it’s like he is a teddy bear to you. This nickname implies that he will always be there for you and protect you from anything that may come your way. This is one of the most adorable nicknames out there. Therefore if your guy loves cuddles, make sure you use this nickname as much as possible.


Boyfriend nicknames

Now if you are dating a guy who never fails to save the day, then superman is an adorable nickname for him. It’s also good for the guys whose names start with S like Sullivan or Smith. Therefore, this is one of the most popular nicknames for boyfriends and it means that you love your guy.


Now with Romeo, you will never have a dull moment ever. Besides being creative and funny, he will always have an exciting idea up his sleeve. The fact with Romeo is that he’s not afraid of trying out new things or being out of his comfort zone. It’s impossible not to love him for that alone but he also has these sweet nicknames for a boyfriend that are just perfect for making him brush in public.

Stud Muffin

Stud Muffin is one of the sweet nicknames for your boyfriend if you are looking for one. Such a nickname will always make him feel manly and hot while still being adorable. Then you can use it as a pet name or part of his last name.

Sugar Lips

This goes for the sweet kisses. Sweet nicknames for boyfriends like sugar lips, Honey bunny, and pumpkin spice will always make him feel special. What always makes these nicknames unique is that they are always appropriate. It happens that you are able to use them no matter how you are feeling or what you are doing together. Now if you are looking for a sweet nickname to make the romance alive, you can imply this one.

Hot Tamale

Try this one for size if you are looking for a hot nickname. Such a nickname is an all-time classic that is perfect for those guys who are smoking hot. You can always call him tamale even though it never hurts to spice things up every now and then. Generally, you should know the kind of boyfriend that you have. It’s good you make sure that is someone who understands when you are trying to tease him and not someone who mistakes it for an insult.

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