Where is Tsavo East National Park, Entry Fees?

Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo east National Park is the largest park in Kenya and existing for a longest time. The park is near Voi town, part of Taita Taveta County in Coast Province. Tsavo is a flat dry plain land area. Tsavo River divides the park into two sections, the East and West. However, the river flows from the West to the East of the National Park. In addition, the famous big five are found in this park. The big five animals include lion, black rhino, elephant, leopard, and buffalo. Several bird species always have this as their home.

Mudanda Rock

This is a rock found in the basement and is about 570-4550 million years old and is home to leopards and elephants. This place takes around 1 hour from Voi Safari Lodge towards Manyana Gate. The rock is 1.5 km long. In addition, there’s a designated parking area for tourists who come with their own means of transport. Elephants are often seen during the dry season as there is a natural dam nearby.

Aruba Dam in Tsavo East

Aruba Dam is a dam that is man-made and on a space of 85 hectares. It is the third largest nature man-made conservation in the world. In addition, the dam is 30km East of Voi gate. This dam attracts several wildlife species, especially during the dry season.

Wildlife in Tsavo East

Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East Park is home to different wildlife including the big 5. Most elephants seen in this park resurface during the dry season looking for drinking water. Other animals present here include a lion, leopard, buffalo, and rhino.


Several birds present at Tsavo East National Park include; guineafowls, Somali ostrich, and whistling ducks. The other rare species include palm weaver, eagle owl, and pied kingfisher.

Yatta Plateau

A plateau is a flat land. Yatta plateau has thorny bush-like vegetation. However, the western side of the plateau contains volcanic mountains and hills. In addition, the Yatta plateau is 290km long and is from the lava of Ol Doinyo Sabul Mountain.

Lugard Falls.

Lugard falls is in the Northern part of Tsavo East National Park. However, one needs to be careful while visiting the area as there are hippos and crocodiles below. The waterfalls often fall and disappear in the volcanic rocks only to appear below in a narrow width.

Park Entry Fees

  • Citizens and residents in the country pay a fee of Ksh 1200 while children pay Ksh 600.
  • Non-citizens who are adults pay a fee of 75$ while non-resident children pay a fee of 40$.

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