Where is Meru National Park? Fee, Activities?

Meru National Park

Meru National Park is on the East side of Meru from Nairobi. The park has been in existence since 1966. Few people visit the park and this makes the place a rare place for pollution happening. The equator also passes through this park. The place is a habitat for White rhinos in Kenya where they are in large numbers. The park has 13 rivers passing through with a few streams making the area greener. Tana River also passes through Meru National Park. Other animals in this park include; zebra, elephants, and zebras. In addition, more than 400 bird species are here.

Park Entry Fees

  • A Kenyan citizen who is an adult pays Ksh 300, while the child pays a fee of Ksh 215.
  • A non-Kenyan resident pays a fee 52$ while a non-resident child pays a fee of 35$.

Activities at Meru National Park.

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1. Camping at Meru National Park

Meru National Park has several campsites. However, visitors need to be very careful as there are baboons in the area. Also, a few predators may interrupt you along the way. There are several private campsites in the area so one may choose depending on their preference.

2. Game Drive at Meru National Park

The best way of going for that game drive with friends and family is through a four-wheel vehicle. The 4-wheel drive may be owned by the park or one you own with a professional guide. However, this is a plan made earlier for easier organizing of the booking.

3. Visiting Local Borana People

Culture in a country is a rich way of connecting people from all over. Borana people around Meru National Park often showcase their rich culture to earn a living. Through this, we support various families in growth and living fulfilling lives.

4. Nature Walks.

Nature is a great of calming your mind. These walks help one releases some stress they have been going through. In addition, one gets to meet new friends where you share ideas and ways of self-improvement.

5. Bird Watching.

With the many bird species at the park, there is no doubt one would be bored. Furthermore, the birds are not in one specific place but you need to move around. This is a great way of engaging your mind across the forest.

6. Mountain Climbing

With the right Hiking gear, mountain climbing is fun. You only need comfortable shoes to make it through the rough terrain. Ensure that you get a weather forecast of the area so that you are not inconvenienced. However, plan yourself in advance and have enough water for hydrating your body.

7. Biking

This involves using a bicycle to see around the area. You can have your own or enquire and book one before the planned date. Riding around the place is fun as the area is not a flat land so helps you on solving different obstacles you come along to in real life.

This is the best place to be if you want to be away from the city noise.

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