what is croup, its causes, symptoms, and prevention?

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Croup is a disease of young children that is caused by a virus that makes the airway and also the voice box of the infected baby swell. Up to now, there is no specific medication for mild croup but steroid medication may be given to babies who are having breathing problems to minimize the swelling hence Making it easier to breathe. At night coughing episodes mainly occurs and can go up to one hour. A condition referred to as spasmodic croup may develop in some children even without any cold symptoms. The condition is most common with asthmatic children or with a family that has a history of asthma and allergy.

Cause of croup

Croup is among the most common respiratory diseases in children between the ages of 6 months to 5 years. The illness is mainly caused by viruses such as influenza virus, enteroviruses, and respiratory syncytial virus. Although it is caused by a virus, some children will not be infected after being exposed to the virus


  • There is a rise in body temperature and also a runny nose.
  • The child shows symptoms similar to a cold.
  • When breathing in the child produces a high-pitched sound.
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Most children with croup do not take any medication and therefore recover at home. Though the child losses appetite healthy diet is important for the proper immune system during their recovery. They are also supposed to stay hydrated.

A correct dose of paracetamol can be given according to the weight of the child to relieve a high fever. Antibiotics do not help in recovery since croup is caused by viruses.


  • Provide healthy nutrition to the child which will boost their immune system.
  • Observe personal and also general hygiene.
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