Halle Berry Age, Children, Movies, Net Worth

Halle Berry
Halle Berry

Halle Berry is an American model and actress. Her height is about 1.65 metres. Her other name is Halle Maria.

Halle Berry Age

She was born on 14th August 1996 at Olio,US, she is 27 years old.

Halle Berry Family

She was born to Judith Ann Hawkins and Jerome Jesse. She grew together with her siblings, Heidi, Berry and Renee. The three of them were raised in Oakwood. She attended Bedford high school where she served as a student as well as an editor of the school magazine.

Her childhood was a bit repressed since she grew without the presence of her father. She also grew up witnessing various forms of violence from him to her mom. This had a negative impact to her childhood memories.

Halle Berry husband

She has been married thrice in her lifetime. Her first husband was David Justice with whom they got divorced in the year 1997. In the year 2001, she got married to Eric Benet but they divorced in year 2005. Recently in the year 2013, she got married to Olivie Martinez. However, the marriage only lasted three years.

Halle Berry Children

She has had two children, Maceo Robert and Nahla Ariella.

Halle Berry loses custody of son

Her divorce with Martinez was however not a walk in the park . It’s result was losing custody of their son to him. On top of that, she was asked to pay him $8000 monthly to cater for their son’s support and Martinez ‘ counselling sessions.

Halle Berry career

Her career begun when she started modelling and participating in beauty contest. Halle won first runners up in miss USA peagant. She was also rated number six in Miss world in the year 1986.

She acted her first comedy film boomerang which became her breakthrough film. Rhis led her to a tv film ‘introducing Dorothy ‘ which awarded her a golden globe award. SHe also won the academy award for best actress when she acted monster balls as a struggling widow .

Her other movies include sword fish, die another day, cloud atlas, kings man, bruised to mention a few. She launched 606 films, a production company in the year 2014.She has produced projects like CBS and extant.

What’s happened to Halle Berry?

She was assaulted by her ex boyfriend whose name she did not mention. This was in the year 1991. The assault resulted to a damaged eardrum on her left ear and made her lose 80% of it’s hearing.

Halle Berry Net worth

She has a net worth of $90 million

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