Maternal and Child Healthcare, types, benefits.

Maternal and Child Healthcare

Maternal and Child Healthcare is the support that women receive during their pregnancy and after birth on matters of health. During childbirth, women need a lot of support so as to avoid the depression that follows. In addition, these new mothers always need someone to talk to to avoid too much in taking good care of newborns. A happy mother will always transform in the results of a healthy baby. Child healthcare is the care a child receives to avoid deaths and several developmental challenges. This also involves ensuring that they attend all clinics set for vaccination without fail. Some countries offer free child care services mentally, physically, and emotionally for them to reach their developmental goal.

Types of Maternal and Child Healthcare.

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Maternal healthcare involves the following services;

  • Antenatal- This basically involves attending all recommended clinics and vaccinations set for a pregnant by WHO. This is important as one can avoid circumstances such as eclampsia and hypertension. Vaccination given includes tetanus.
  • Labor and Delivery- This ensures that maternal mortality is in fewer numbers. Facilities improve the services they are offering them and personnel with great skills perform the job.
  • Postnatal Care- women who deliver and are safe to go home, are given a diet to follow. Such foods include beans, vegetables, meat, fish, and milk among others.

Child Healthcare

Child healthcare involves the following services;

  • Breastfeeding and Newborn care. Breastfeeding young babies helps in fighting newborn diseases resulting from low immunity. Breast milk contains antibodies responsible for all this. This improves a child’s health in general hence low mortality rates.
  • Immunization- A child requires several immunizations against viruses and bacteria. Vaccination is important and should be followed fully till the last set date. This prevents diseases from being severe if one gets the disease or from developing.
  • Monitoring- This involves identifying and monitoring children who are at risk of delaying milestones by supporting them and their families. Through this, it is easier to identify a risk or an issue early enough before it’s too late and find ways of dealing with it.

Importance of Maternal and Child Healthcare.

  • Promotes good health among women and unborn children.
  • Supporting women who experience violence from their partners either mentally or emotionally.
  • Ensuring that most women have great access to great nutrition and better healthcare.
  • Saving the lives of the unborn from several complications.
  • Promoting zero report cases of depression from maternal related.

Benefits of Maternal and Child Healthcare.

  • There is a benefit to identifying the disease earlier and preventing it from further spreading.
  • Most women have better access to sexual and reproductive health.
  • Ensures that the child has sane parents of good sound mind.
  • Great nutrition guide for developing children.
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