Jose Mourinho age, childhood, wife, children, career, Net worth

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Jose Mourinho is a retired football player and a football manager. Also, he is also a former head coach of a well known club known as Roma. He is famous for being passionate of his work. Jose is amongst the most famous managers in the world. His full name is Jose Mario Dos Santos Mourinho Felix.

Age, parents and childhood .

The famous coach was born on 26th January 1963. Therefore, he is 61 years old. His parents are Felix Mourinho and Maria Julia Carrajola dos Santos. His father was a goalkeeper while his mother was a teacher. Oftenly, she was the breadwinner of the family because she came from a wealthy background.

His mother was against his intentions of becoming a footballer. She wanted him to focus entirely on studies. However, he declined and settled on studying sports science at the university of Lisbon. His decision to settle on sports has played a pivotal role on the person he is today.

Wife and children of Jose Mourinho

Apart from being active in the field of sports, he is also a family man. He is a husband to Matilde Faria. The two exchanged their vows in the year 1989. She works as a humanitarian and the two have one daughter known as Matilde .


So, he begun his football career when he was still a teen. Having a father who was a goalkeeper spearheaded his influence as well. Despite his mother being against it, he still settled in it anyway. Before joining other players in the field as a coach, he first worked as a physical education teacher. Later, he worked as a translator for Bobby Robson who was a new coach in Lisbon club. Unfortunately, Robson was sacked later. Therefore, he moved to Porto together with him. The two worked together for quite a long time. Their greatest achievement was winning the UEFA championships. After sometime, Robin let Mourinho to be independent and gave him responsibilities to coach Barcelona .

So, he begun working as a manager by the year 2000. He worked at Uniao de leiria. Later, he was selected to manage the Taca De Portugal. Also, he worked with Chelsea, a famous football club for three years. He secured many trophies for the period he worked with them. However, he left the club in the month of September, 2007.

He was selected to succeed inter Milan for three years and also Real Madrid for four years. His contract on real Madrid begun on May 2010. The other clubs which he has managed include;

  • Tottenham from November 2019 to April 2021.
  • Manchester united from 1 July 2016 to Dec 2018.
  • As Roma from 1 July 2021 to January 16, 2024.

Jose Mourinho end of an era with As Roma

After managing the club for close to two and a half years Mourinho has been sacked. This is due to a continued poor record of results, despite leading them into the 2022 UEFA championship. Mourinho will be replaced by Daniele De Rossi, who was a former player. He has already signed a contract with them.

Net worth

Mourinho net worth is best approximated to $120 million. He is among the wealthiest football managers globally .

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