How to apply for an EIA Expert License in Kenya.


Individuals and enterprises wishing to carry out environmental impact assessments (EIA) and environmental audits (EA) must have an EIA Expert License in Kenya issued by National Environment Management Authority (NEMA). Under Environmental Management and Coordination Act (EMCA) 1999, NEMA is mandated to regulate EIA experts among other mandates. The act coordinates environmental management in Kenya.

What is Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

EIA is an environmental management tool used to examine the likely positive or negative environmental, social, and economic impacts of a proposed project. The process identifies, predicts, evaluates, and mitigates the biophysical, social, and other relevant effects of the event project before its implementation.

Which projects are subjected to EIA

According to Kenya’s environmental laws, Environmental Impact Assessment is required for all projects that are likely to have a negative effect on the environment. These projects are grouped into three according to the seriousness of their likely effects, namely: Low Risk, Medium Risk, and High-Risk projects. The Second Schedule of the Environmental Management and Coordination Act outlines each category.

Who should carry out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)?

EIA is carried out on behalf of a developer of a project by a team of experts led by Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Experts registered and licensed by NEMA. The list of listed experts is kept and streamlined by NEMA. Experts may include engineers, sociologists, surveyors among others depending on the nature of the proposed project. Once the assessment is administered , the report is submitted to NEMA for processing. NEMA reviews the report and decides whether to permit or not allow the project to proceed.

Qualification for Environmental impact assessments (EIA) Expert Licensing

EIA experts are categorized into three, namely; Associate, Lead and Firm. Each category has its qualifications.

Associate expert qualification

An associate expert must have the subsequent qualifications:

  • Hold a bachelor degree in any field
  • Prove of training in Environmental Impact Assessment & Audit from a recognized institution. maybe a unit at undergraduate level.
  • A comprehensive curriculum vitae

Lead expert qualification

A lead expert must have the following qualifications:

  •  A Doctorate degree or equivalent in any field plus training in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) & Audit from a recognized institution, with 3 years experience in environmental Impact Assessment related activities.


  •  A Doctorate, Masters or Maids plus 5 years experience in Environmental Impact Assessment affiliated exploration consultancy or tutoring and at least two applicable publications in appertained journals


  • A master’s degree in any field plus training in Environmental Impact Assessment & Audit from a recognized institution, with 5 years experience in environmental impact assessment-related activities.
  • A Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent in any field plus training in environmental impact assessment from a recognized institution, with 8 years’ experience in environmental impact assessment-related activities.
  • A comprehensive curriculum vitae

A Firm of experts qualification

A firm of experts must have the following qualifications:

  • A Firm profile indicating capacity to undertake Environmental Impact Assessment & Audit.
  • At least two Registered and Practicing EIA/EA Experts. One of the Experts must be a Lead Expert.
  • Certificates of registration and Practicing Licence for the Individual Experts.
  • Certificate of Registration /Incorporation

Steps of EIA Expert registration and licensing

Having looked at criterion for each category of EIA registration, below are steps to follow during EIA registration and subsequent registration.

EIA expert registration

Before being licensed as an EIA expert in Kenya you have to start by registering as expert. Registration is absolutely free. Below are the registration steps;

  1. Create an account on NEMA licensing portal (new applicants)
  2. Filling in the required details
  3. Once filled submit the form
  4. Open your email and use the link to login into your account
  5. Once logged in filling the required details and upload scanned copies of the required documents in their respective spaces
  6. Submit the form to generate your tracking number
  7. Keep the tracking reference number for easier online progress tracking
  8. Once marked complete visit NEMA office or you will get an email or sms notification.

Once you have acquired your registration certificate you can proceed to apply for EIA Expert licensing

EIA Expert licensing application

Unlike expert registration, expert licensing is charged Registration fee of KSh. 1,500 (Associate Expert), KSh. 2,000 (Lead Expert) or KSh. 5,000 (Firm of Experts). To initiate your licensing you must have an expert registration certificate. Below are license application steps;

  1. Visit Environment Institute of Kenya (EIK) website
  2. Click on registration tab and select your expert category
  3. Fill in the details and submit
  4. An email with a verification code/link will be sent to your email
  5. Use the code to verify your account
  6. Once you verify your account wait for account approval before you can proceed.
  7. After receiving your approval link, login into your account and fill in the required details
  8. Click submit once you have filled
  9. You can request for an e-certificate which takes a maximum of 7 days from the date of submission.

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