Health benefits of ginger and its uses at home.


Ginger is a plant commonly used by people as a herb and also as a spice. It has its origin in Asia. However, it is also grown in Kenya mostly in the coastal and western region. And also, in the counties that surround Lake Victoria. Ginger is in a family that relates to cardamom and turmeric. The plant once mature is presented in different forms, namely;

  • Fresh ginger.
  • Dried ginger.
  • Powder form.
  • preserved
  • Pickled

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Health benefits that come from Ginger.

  • You may use ginger as medicine to treat illnesses such as colds or the flu. One prepares a mixture of Ginger, lemon, and honey for better results and taste. Honey may also be included in the mixture. The reason why ginger is used for medicinal purposes is that it has a compound known as gingerol. Gingerol has some properties which are medicinal. Ginger also really helps to digest food.
  • Ginger treats nausea feeling. For instance, if you are having surgery and nausea feeling attacks you, also in chemotherapy-related nausea. It is also very helpful for pregnant women. Heavily pregnant women have morning sickness. Therefore ginger gets rid of these signs.
Dried ginger
  • Lowers levels of blood sugars. Very small amounts of ginger for instance 2 milliliters help lower levels of blood sugar for example people with type 2 diabetes.
  • Ginger reduces cramps from menstruation. Some girls and women undergo a lot of pain during menstruations. So, ginger also acts as a pain reliever and works on this pain. Research by scientists has been able to prove that this really works.
  • Ginger works in reducing acidity. If you experience pain in the up part of the stomach, it may be caused by indigestion. The plant helps in stabilizing acids and fastens up this process of digestion. This makes the stomach more comfortable.
  • This plant can help the body to fight infections such as those caused by bacteria. Therefore the work of ginger is to hinder and stop the bacteria from further growth. An example of the bacteria is gingivitis, a problem in the tooth.
  • Lastly, ginger may help people to lose weight. This is because it suppresses your appetite hence eating just the right amount.

Ginger as a spice.

Ginger is used to season food to improve its taste. You can use ginger to:

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