Early signs of pregnancy and symptoms.

Early signs of pregnancy cramping

What are those early signs of pregnancy that you detect? A pregnancy happens after an ova and a sperm meet, bringing about conception. Thereafter, an embryo starts forming hence pregnancy. You get to know your pregnancy status after a test. However, there are signs you may experience and suspect that you might be pregnant. Below is a list of the first signs and symptoms.

Early signs and symptoms of pregnancy

A missed period– When you are already of age past a teen, you should receive your menstruation every month unless affected by a few factors. However, the very first sign that could actually be pregnant is a missed period.

Nausea and vomiting– You may experience morning sickness mostly occurs in the morning. It often starts one to two months after conception. However, some people may experience it earlier than this while others don’t experience it. So, the cause of nausea at that time is never clear, but the hormones are likely to play a role.

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Frequent urination– Blood level in your body increases during the period of pregnancy. So, this makes the kidneys process more fluid which is later deposited in the bladder.

Fatigue– You may feel more tired and sleepy during your first trimester. This is due to the great rise in the levels of your hormone progesterone during pregnancy might.

Tender breasts– When you conceive, hormones change and this may make the breasts very sensitive and also sore. These feeling of discomfort eventually decreases as the body adjusts to the hormonal changes.

Early signs of pregnancy that are not common in all women

Mood swings– The hormones flooding in your body during the first trimester may make you emotional and also weepy.

Bloated stomach– Bloating is a result of hormonal changes. It may be almost similar to the feelings you experience during menstrual.

Spotting lightly– It may be the very first sign of pregnancy which is known as implantation bleeding. This happens as a fertilized ova attaches itself to the lining of the uterus. This takes place about ten to 14 days after conception. Mostly, implantation bleeding takes place around the time you expect your menstrual period. However, it may not happen to all ladies.

Cramps– This may feel like period cramps although a little bit mild.

Constipating– The digestive system slows down as a result of changes in the hormones in your body leading to constipation.

Craving- You may develop food preferences and be sensitive to some odors. Also, your sense of taste may change

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