Best Water Conservation Techniques Practised.

Water conservation through mulching

Water conservation is the most encouraging activity in today’s life due to the global water effect. Below are some of the ways used in water conservation;

1. Mulching

Mulching refers to the process of layering the upper part of the plants with dry leaves to retain water moisture in the soil. This ensures that drought does not affect leaves.

2. Intercropping

So, this refers to the mixing of different crops during planting for example mixing banana stems with maize plants. This is mostly done with consideration of crops that absorb water most and those that do not need a lot of water while growing.

3. Building Water Dams

Water dams are collection units of water in large masses. However, it ensures that there is no wastage of water or flooding, especially during the heavy rainy seasons.

4. Constructing and Building Water Tanks.

Water can be conserved either by storing it in underground tanks or plastic tanks. These tanks need regular maintenance which involves regular cleaning and ensuring that they are not leaking at any point.

5. Water Recycling.

This involves reusing water more times than the normal time. Water used in rinsing the cooking vegetables can be used in watering plants or even on nursery seedlings.

6. Watering Crops During Early Hours.

The best time to water crops is during the morning hours before the sun rises. If one is unable to do so, then the other best time is after the setting of the sun in the evening hours. The recommended hours are after 5.

7. Doing Bulk Cleaning of the house.

It is advisable to do laundry in bulk. This saves a lot of water as less of it is used. Water used in rinsing clothes can be used to clean house corridors.

8. Practise Drip Irrigation

Water conservation through drip

This is the most recommended method of farming in dry areas. This saves water from getting lost deep in the soil or through evaporation.

9. Afforestation and Reafforestation

Afforestation is the planting of more trees in areas where they have not been planted. Reafforestation is the planting of trees in areas they have been cut down. Trees ensure that the rainwater is trapped for some time in the soil through their roots.

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