Best Places To Go For Ziplining In Kenya.

zip lining at kereita forest
zip lining at kereita forest

Ziplining is the activity of sliding down a stretched rope/cable wire that is between two different heights over a distance through suspended equipment, a pulley, or even handle.

Therefore, the most preferred locations for the adrenaline rush brought about by ziplining are;

Ngong Hills

Ngong Hills is located in Kajiado County about 30.1 km from Nairobi CBD. It’s about a 1hr and 20 min drive via the Ngong road route. Also, the distance is 9km about 30 minutes drive from Ngong town. The entrance fee is Ksh 200. Ziplining is charged Ksh 1800 in the area.

Kereita Forest

It is located in Kimende, Limuru town, Kiambu county. The distance from Nairobi CBD is 59.9 km which is an 1hr 45 min drive. Entry charges are Ksh 200 per person and ziplining costs Ksh 1800 per person.

Camp Ndunda Falls.

It is located in Embu county just near Njukiini forest. It is 10km about 30 minutes drive from Embu town.

The entrance fee is Ksh 350 and the Ziplining fee is Ksh 1000.

Savage Wilderness Camp

It is located in Sagan town, Kirinyaga County. The distance to the place is 7.5km from Sagan town.

The charge per person for ziplining is Ksh 1800.

Peoples Park

It is located in Machakos County just near Machakos town. The distance is 66.4km from Nairobi CBD. Moreover, there are no charges for the entrance. The ziplining costs Ksh 500 per person.

Bofa Beach Resort

It is located by the sea in Kilifi county within a 15-minute drive of Kilifi Bridge and Pwani University. It is a beachfront hotel. Ziplining in this hotel costs Ksh 1500 per person.

Ngare Ndare Forest

It is located at the border between Laikipia and Meru county. It is 25km away from Nanyuki town and a 4-hour drive from Nairobi. The entrance fee to the forest is Ksh 1000 and the ziplining costs Ksh 1800.

The above are the most affordable places in Kenya for ziplining activities. Therefore, why don’t you try to visit any of the above places with your friends and family? I hope you enjoy it!

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