Where is Mt. Kenya National Park? activities.

Mt. Kenya National Park horse riding

Mt. Kenya National Park is in Mt Kenya which stands as the second tallest mountain in Africa. The mountain is an extinct volcano. The park is near water bodies such as lakes, glaciers, natural springs, and falls. In addition, the place has a unique vegetation covering. Several species of animals that occupy the place are rare and unique. Such animals include elephants, mongooses, leopards, rhinos, and buffaloes. Mt Kenya National Park is in existence since 1949 and now is under UNESCO heritage site. The park is on Nanyuki-Isiolo road and links parts of the Embu, Nanyuki, Meru, and Naro Moru towns. The distance from Nairobi to the place is 180km approximately 6 and a half hours long.


Mountain Climbing

Mt. Kenya National Park, mountain climbing

Hiking is the best way of releasing stress and negative energy. Fun and memorable moments are through hiking and team-building exercises with friends and family. The most preferred peak while hiking is Lenana peak which is 4985 meters. However, hikers with more experience go for the Batian Peak.

Wildlife Viewing at Mt. Kenya National Park

Some wildlife available at Mt Kenya National Park includes elephants, Mongoose, Waterbuck, and Elands among others. Moreover, some animals like leopards, giant forest hogs, and bongos are rarely seen at the place despite them being present.

Camping at Mt. Kenya National Park

Tents-like structures are set in the middle of the forest. However, preparation is important with warm clothing as this is a high-altitude area. Temperatures are high especially during winter seasons. In addition, hiking gear and comfortable shoes are also important.

Birds Watching.

Some species of birds available at the park are almost 130. These birds fly day in and day out across the green canopy of trees. Most parts of the forest have unique birds such as Tinkerbird, Eagles, wrynecks,s, and woodpeckers.


Caves are rock-like structures that MauMau freedom fighters used during the colonial period. The views of the caves are a major tourist attraction. The best route for accessing this is through the Burguret River near Nanyuki. Waterfalls pass through the caves and rocks.

Glacier Viewing

Glacier refers to water flowing in the form of small streams or rivers that result from melting ice. Most ice on Mt Kenya melts to form such kind of water mass. Mt Kenya has 11 small glaciers all resulting from melting ice at Lenana’s top.

Entry Charges at The Park.

  • The entry fee at the park for citizens is Ksh 430 for adults while children pay 250.
  • Non-citizens pay higher fee charges of 52$ and 20$ for children or students from other parts of the world.

Rules to follow at the Park.

  • A professional guide should lead every group or any individual visiting the park.
  • Disposable plastics including bottles rarely get past the main entry gate due to environmental conservation.

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