Where is Bomas of Kenya, the owner, Activities?

Bomas of Kenya cultural center

Bomas of Kenya is along Lang’ata road where the lifestyle, culture, and art of different tribes in Kenya are celebrated. The place has a large display of traditional villages of several Kenyan tribes. This place hosts the largest auditorium in Africa. The distance from Nairobi town to Bomas is about 10km. Most ethnic groups which are recognizable in Bomas of Kenya include Mijikenda and Luo. Kikuyu, Maasai among others just to mention a few. Each homestead is built according to its specific cultures such as music, dance, and crafts.

Fun Activities at Bomas of Kenya

Music and Dance.

Bomas of Kenya hosts several tribes who showcase their traditional songs by presenting them at the auditorium. In addition, the auditorium is one of the largest in Africa with a capacity of 3500 seats. The most known performers of music and dance at the place are the Harambee dancers.

Culture Exchange Programme.

Bomas of Kenya

This type of program involves knowing what other tribes value and their own way of doing things. This is evident in different homesteads at this place and the richness in culture of all tribes. The word boma simply means a traditional homestead.


Bomas of Kenya is rich in African Heritage and hosts several events including weddings, sporting activities, and live music performances. Moreover, the experience of having a large area for carrying out a special occasion is worth trying it.

Bomas of Kenya Entry Fees.

  • Kenyan adult citizens pay a fee of Ksh 200 while children and school-going children are below the secondary level. However, University and college students pay a fee of Ksh 100.
  • Adult residents of the East African community pay a fee of Ksh 300 while children pay Sh. 200.
  • Non-resident adults pay a fee of Ksh 1000 while non-resident children and students pay a fee of Ksh 500.

Who owns Bomas of Kenya?

The initial owner of Bomas of Kenya is the Government. This museum has been under them since 1971. In addition, the area maintains and promotes the rich cultural values of different ethnic groups in Kenya. The area also consists of an executive lounge and a quiet place for holding meetings within that area. In addition, this place works best for AGMs, exhibitions, end-of-year functions, and other parties.

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