Sleepwalking and talking, causes and Treatment?

sleepwalking man

Sleepwalking refers to the activity in which a person is partially awake and can work or walk around without the involvement of the brain. Sleeptalking refers to talking while still sleeping meaning a person can partially talk without involving the brain. This means that the brain is not in coordination with other body organs nor can it be in control of what is happening.

Causes of sleepwalking

  • Sleepwalking is hereditary, meaning some members who were in existence before the current person was suffering from that, so it is passed unto the next generation.
  • Some medications prescribed by doctors often cause this as it’s part of the listed side effects of a certain drug.
  • Being too exhausted after carrying out some heavy activity during the day without enough rest.
  • Uneasiness or being worried about situations or things.
  • Some patients who have experienced high fever often sleepwalk.

Causes of sleeptalking

  • Most patients who are into drug abuse such as bhang often sleeptalk.
  • Sleeptalking can be present in most people who have Dementia disease which is often a mental issue that comes with old age.
  • Stress that arises due to the surrounding environment also brings about sleeptalking.
  • It is inherited from other members of the family who had been suffering from it.

Symptoms of sleeptalking and sleepwalking

  • Sleepwalkers often walk around without any help or even recognizing what they are doing.
  • Sleeptalkers always shout in their sleep and might try to communicate without anyone around them.
  • Both sleepwalkers and sleeptalkers often do not remember the state they were in the previous night.
  • Sleepwalkers often wake up and start engaging in activities such as cleaning household items or even floor cleaning.
  • Sleeptalkers shout during their sleep or even wail at the top of their voice trying to say things from their day-to-day encounter.


  • Having enough sleep with a consistent routine on a daily basis on sleeping hours.
  • Avoid having too much worry about a thing one does not have control over.
  • If one encounters a person sleepwalking, hold them gently and show them the best way they should follow and go back to sleep.
  • Being around a peaceful environment calms your mind and saves you from this effect.
  • Avoid drug abuse as they tend to alter the brain’s normal condition.

Sleeptalking and Sleepwalking are not death sentences hence one should cope with those suffering from the condition by helping out where one can. Always ensure that those suffering are away from sharp objects or machinery to avoid more fatal accidents.

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