Livondo Claims on “President Uhuru Murder Plot”.

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Livondo Claims on "President Uhuru Murder Plot".
An image of politician Stanley Livondo

Livondo Claims on working on the case of President Uhuru Murder Plot. He asked to return to the directorate of criminal investigation for further research.

It follows his claim that some people tried to attack the presidential jet.

The businessman Livondo on Monday 21st, 2022 underwent some questions from the police. As per his claim that some people tried to assassinate president Uhuru.

He told the police that he has the evidence and wants the witnesses to have protection.

However, he also told the police that he wants his security to get a boost. He later said that;

” I have given out what I have and I want all my witnesses to be ready. I have also a need, that my witnesses to have protection since this thing is big”.

Livondo said that officials who are handling the matter told him to return to the directorate for a criminal investigation on Thursday. This is for further grilling.

He got a summon from the officials of the serious crime unit who are investigating the claims.

This follows the remarks he made on Gatundu on Saturday during Moses Kuria’s homecoming in Thika. Livondo alleged that some people tried to attack the presidential jet. He said that the plans started in 2014.

Mr. Livondo and his lawyer Victor Kariuki did have to go to the DCI office to follow up on the claims made. The two said that they provided evidence and will wait for the police to do their work.

Livondo Claims.

However, Moses Kuria did ask the DCI boss George Kinoti to investigate the claims made by Livondo on Saturday 19th in Thika.

“You have a friend who did attempt to crash your plane twice, will you forgive him? The first attempt was when President Uhuru Kenyatta was leaving Kisumu. The second attempt was when he was going to the US through Dubai and he had to make a detour”. Livondo said.

Many believe that Livondo referred to the 2015 incident when the presidential plane heading to the US via Dubai flew back to Kenya. He said that the incident was because of a misunderstanding between two countries.

The investigation is still ongoing till now till a clear answer is gotten.

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