Which are the best-performing airlines in Africa?

Kenya Airways among best perfoming airlines in Africa jpg

There are several best-performing airlines in Africa. The best thing about a plane ticket today is that you can reach anywhere in the world you want to. You will just need some hours as opposed to weeks, months, or even years of sea travel. Air travel has become one of the most efficient modes of transport today providing the best services ever.

At some points when you think about quality airlines, some names come to mind such as Emirates and the like. It is also important to consider the performance of airlines in particular regions. Therefore, below is a list of them.

Ethiopian Airlines

This airline appears to be the first one among the other top-performing airlines in Africa. Surprisingly, given its history of premium airline services, this airline is ranked as the best-performing in Africa. Ethiopian Airlines is the flag carrier of Ethiopia. This Airline is completely owned by the Ethiopian Government. Moreover, it owns numerous stakes in other airlines in Africa.

Royal Air Maroc

It is simply known as RAM, Royal Air Maroc which is the Moroccan national carrier. It is also the largest airline in the country. It is also one of the best-performing airlines in Africa which offers good services. During the World Cup 2022 Qatar, the airline promised to adjust its schedule so as to bring North African Fans to Qatar.

South African Airways

Another top-performing airline in Africa. It is a South African-based airline. The airline is the flag carrier in South Africa. This airline is opposed to collecting Naira as payment. This is despite its stated interest in penetrating the West African air travel market.

Kenya Airways

With no doubt, Kenya Airways is the flag carrier airline of Kenya. It is also one of the best-performing airlines in Africa. Due to the airline’s struggle in Q1 of 2022, the company’s management decided to reduce its jet release cost by 35%.

Air Mauritius

Air Seychelles among best performing airlines in Africa

Not only is it the flag carrier of the country, but also the largest airline in the country. Furthermore, it serves as one of the best-performing airlines in Africa. This airline entered a voluntary administration, owing to travel restrictions imposed by many countries. However, the airline is still operational.

Egypt Air

Another airline whose Emo is given by its name, Egypt Air is the state-owned flag carrier of Egypt. Being one of the best-performing airlines in Africa, it reaches about 70 destinations around the world including 19 in Africa and more than 40 others with codeshare.

Rwanda Air

So, as the name implies is the flag carrier airline of Rwanda. The services offered are spread across all of East Africa. However, the airline is 49% owned by Qatar Airways.


Again, this is another airline operating primarily in Zimbabwe. This airline is a subsidiary of Fast Jet Limited, a UK-based airline. This is an airline whose brand identity is procuring air travel at a low cost considering the economic state of the continent.

Air Seychelles

However, the national airline of the Republic of Seychelles is also so good. This airline became the first airline to receive overflight rights from the Saudi Arabian government.

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