Tycoons who own a private Island in Kenya.

Alessandro Toriani
Alessandro Toriani

For decades of the year now, Kenya has held enviable spots on the global map. As a result, tourism remains a leading source of foreign exchange and income for the government and people. However, for some four tycoons, renting night hotels for a few days was just not enough. Below are some of the 4 people who own a private Island in Kenya.

Carol otieno- kigamboni.

Her journey to take care of the mangroves on the private island of kigamboni began with her many vocations trips to the land of funzi. Otieno built a luxurious five-bedroom pavilion on the property. The eco-lodge sits on one and a half acres of land on the private island. However,” the land cost more than ish 6 million”, she says, adding that ” despite the lonely land being in the middle of nowhere,” it is a safe place.

Hassan Shapi- Kinazini Island.

Kinazini Island sits on one and a half acres which are rented. Hassan owns Kinazini Funzi Dhow Day safari, a restaurant that accommodates up to 300 guests. However, the seashell line up the path towards the restaurant nestles in the long palm trees. It is the only property on Kinazini Island. Me Shapi also organize cruising tours in the Ramasi river, where crocodiles have infested. In addition, a few minutes from Kinazini Island, there is Milimani Island, where the eco-lodge is under construction.

Mp Olago Aluoch- Maboko Island.

John Olago Aluoch is one of the quiet but wealthy politicians in the country. This is due to his ownership of ish 500 million Maboko Island in Lake Victoria. In addition, the Island measures approximately 5 acres of land. Located off the same region. At the center of Maboko is a helicopter for ferrying guests to and from the Island.

Alessandro Toriani- Funzi Islands.

Alessandro Torrianian is an Italian tycoon, who over the years has been a controversial figure in land ownership in the coastal region. Initially, he settled on the south coast, where he owns a cluster of Funzi Island. However, he did crush with the locals after cutting down the indigenous mangrove trees found on some of the islands.

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