List of the best driving schools in Kenya

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There are a variety of good schools in Kenya, but driving schools have tailored their training to help learners acquire skills in road safety. Whether you are looking to better your driving skills or you are an aspiring driver, the law requires you to seek training from an accredited driving school.

As a driver you have a number of responsibilities. To understand these responsibilities one ought to go to a driving school. At the driving school legal, mechanical and road safety is taught. The practice in Kenya is a driving license is issued upon completing theoretical and practical aspect of driving.

Just like any other sector, driving schools are also subject to regulations. They are regulated and accredited by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA). You should never go wrong after reading this article. Below are list of some of the best driving schools in Kenya.

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List of best and accredited driving schools in Kenya

1. Automotive Association of Kenya (AA)

The Automotive Association of Kenya is popularly known as AA Kenya. It is the oldest driving school in Kenya. AA Kenya has offered driver training in Kenya since 1919.

Its branches are distributed across the country serving the affluent and ordinary citizen. AA’s reputation and authority as the best driving school goes beyond Kenya. The school is recognized by the government, international organizations and private sector.

AA Kenya trains drivers for the following classes of automobiles;

  • Motor Cycles (A2)
  • Saloon cars (B1, B2 and B3)
  • Endorsements on Trucks and Buses (C1 and D1)
AA Kenya Driving school training fleet
AA Kenya Driving schools training fleet

AA Kenya driving prices

Class of AutomobileTution FeeNTSA FeeTotal fee
A1/A2/A3(Motorbike/Courier/3 Wheeler)Ksh 5,780Ksh 2,450Ksh 8,230
Endorsement for A1/A2/A3Ksh 4,080Ksh 2,250Ksh 6,330
B1/B2(Saloon-Auto/Manual)Ksh 18,780Ksh 2,450Ksh 21,230
Endorsement for B1/B2Ksh 10,780Ksh 2,250Ksh 13,030
Endorsement for C1/C2((Medium Trucks))Ksh 12,780Ksh 2,250Ksh15,030
Endorsement for D1/D2((PSV))Ksh 12,780Ksh 2,250Ksh15,030
AA Kenya driving fee for various classes. Source: AA Kenya

AA Kenya also offers refresher training to licensed drivers to improve their driving experience and confidence on the road. The fee vary from the above but not below the above tabulated fee.

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2. Rocky Driving schools

Rocky driving school is among the most reputable driving schools in the Kenya. It is equally old in Kenya. Going by this Rocky has produced many renowned drivers in the country. It has branches in branches in Nairobi, Thika, Eldoret, Kisumu, Narok, Kisii, Meru, Embu, and Kitengela.

By joining Rocky you learn how to drive from the experts.

3. Glory driving school

Glory driving school is another old big brand in driving schools. It offer of training for the various classes of vehicles. The fee is approximately Ksh. 24, 900 for a 20 lessons full driving class.

4. Petanns driving school

The school is taking driving school sector by a storm. It is not as old as the previous driving schools but has grown to have branches across the country.

Training fee is approximately Ksh 15,000 for a 20 lesson full driving course.

5. Heltz Driving School

Heltz has made a brand in the driving school in Kenya. It has an unique niche of training children from 14 years old.

Other driving schools in Kenya

The list of best driving schools in Kenya is a long as the number of good drivers on Kenyan roads. Below are other good driving schools

  • Sony Driving School in Kenya
  • Seniors Driving School
  • Top Gear Driving School
  • Imperial Driving School in Kenya
  • Iqra driving school

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How much does it cost to learn driving in Kenya

It is evident that the cost of learning how to drive in Kenya various by the choice of the driving school. However, one needs a school where they can get value for their money.

Factors to consider when choosing a driving school

Besides the cost of the driving school below are some other factors to consider;

  1. Ratings of the school (recommendations)
  2. Facilities at the driving school. Visit the school to ascertain if the facilities you require during your training are available. These may include class of vehicles, models among others
  3. Compliance with the regulator (NTSA)
  4. Insurance and Security. The training vehicles should be properly be insured.
  5. Accreditation of the instructors

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