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Harry Belafonte a Singer, activist, actor, and songwriter. His real name is Harold George Belafonte. He is both an American and Jamaican. He was nicknamed the ‘King of Calypso’ as he was a popular Caribbean musical style globally.

Age and early life

However, he was born on March 1st, 1927 Harlem, New York. His parents were Melvine and Harold George Bellanfanti Sr who was a Chef.

Education of Harry Belafonte

So, he had a limited formal education. Therefore, he did not manage to get to college. This is because he was from a poor background in Harlem. So, when he was a teenager, his mother opted to send him to live with their relatives in Jamaica. So, this is where he managed to attend the Wolmer’s Schools before he returned to New York City to join the Navy during World War II.

After he was done with the Navy, he worked on several odd jobs before he began his career as a musician. He then started performing in nightclubs after learning to play the guitar. This was a good way of gaining recognition for his talent.


He began his career by playing in theaters and nightclubs. This is when the record producers noticed his potential. In the year 1953, he issued his debut album titled “Calypso.”

Harry appeared in many films. His first film was in 1953 in the play Bright Road. Again, in 1954 he featured in Otto Preminger’s hit musical Carmen Jones. In 1957 he was in the Island in the Sun a role he played with Joan Fontaine. He was the producer of The World, the Flesh and the Devil which he also featured in.

In 1960 he made a comeback to the music industry. A decade later, he went back to filming where he appeared in many films. Among the films were 1972 Buck and the Preacher and Uptown Saturday Night in 1974. He produced and scored his musical film titled Beat Street. He then appeared in White Man’s Burden a race–reverse drama in 1995 which was a major film in the 1990s. In 1996 Robert Altman’s jazz age drama Kansas City got him to the New York Film Critics Circle Award as the Best Supporting Actor. In 1999 he appeared in the TV drama Swing Vote playing the role of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. In 2006 in the role of a friend to an employee of the Ambassador Hotel Bobby, Emilio Estevez’s an ensemble drama.

Again, he appeared in the campaign for the Democratic presidential candidate named John F. Kennedy who later titled him the cultural advisor to the Peace Corps. In 2007 during the annual Bills of Rights Day Celebration in Northern California, he gave an address that earned him the Chief Justice Earl Warren Civil Liberties Award. However, he also worked hand in hand with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to promote and generate funds for Civil Rights Movement. Moreover, he used his platform to promote social justice and humanitarian issues and supported charity projects both with influence and finances.

In 2011 during the film Festival, he appeared in the Documentary film titled “Sing Your Song” which was concerned with movement in America and its activities in order to promote social justice worldwide.

Wife and children to Harry Belafonte

Harry Belafonte and his wives

Belafonte got married to Marguerite Byrd in the year 1948. They were blessed with two daughters namely; Adrienne, the founder of the Anir Foundation, and Shari the famous actress, model, and singer. He married his second wife named Julie Robinson. She was a dancer and the two had two children David a former actor and model. Who is also the executive director of Belafonte Enterprises, and Gina a Tv and film actress.

Net worth

The estimate of his net worth is around $30 million.


On April 25, 2023, he died at the age of 96.

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