Growth Milestones in a Toddler and Age Bracket?

Growth Milestones in babies

Growth milestones refer to a physical change in the behavior of a young growing human being. They vary depending on age and the environment around them. Below are some of the different milestones a child will acquire in their daily life;

Kneck stiffness in a toddler’s Growth Milestones

This is whereby the baby kneck can easily move around or side to side without requiring any support. Therefore, this major milestone is often expected to occur between the ages of 2-3 months. Toddlers who tend to take a longer time in kneck stiffness need a checkup to establish the main problem. At this stage, they can see more clearly at closer distances. They also move their hands and legs and respond to sounds closer to their area.

Sitting Posture in a toddler’s Growth Milestones

Growth Milestones

The sitting posture often occurs between ages 4-6 months but this varies from time to time. However, the baby’s struggles to identify a comfortable sitting posture also affect this. They will often need a caregiver or mother’s support with close monitoring. They become playful with toys and objects that are easily lifted around them.

Crawling Stage.

The crawling stage is not common to most babies as most tend to skip this stage. It often occurs between the ages of 9-12 months. In this stage, they tend to move more often to different locations around them. They may have the need to reach out to things that are near them and need to play with them.

Walking Milestone

The walking milestone is when a toddler can fully walk on their own without requiring any support. This mostly occurs at the age of 18 months. By this time they will have fully mastered the art of sitting upright, running, and even climbing on a few items partially such as their bed.

Teething Stage

So, the teething stage is the stage whereby a toddler has their first tooth visible. This might begin as earlier as 3 months or as late as 18 months. It is not a cause of alarm as this varies per toddler.

The above are major milestones to always watch out for as your toddler grows. The are some minor milestones but are still recognizable as it’s a major achievement to both the mother/caregiver and the child. Such include self-feeding, the ability to use the potty/washroom on their own, and also calling out names of people closer to them.

Good luck in raising your little one!

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