What is Depo Provera, advantages, disadvantages?

Depo Provera

Depo Provera is a contraceptive or family planning method in form of an injection. It contains progestogen. The progestogen is also the hormone that the body produces naturally in the ovaries. This injection is given every three months.  It works by suppressing ovulation and preventing the ovaries from releasing an ova or egg. Also, it makes the cervical mucus thicker to prevent the sperm from reaching it.

 However, it is also available in smaller dosages known as depo-SubQ Provera 104. So, this is not injected deep into your muscles like depo Provera. It is injected just under or beneath your skin.

Depo Provera immediate effect.

Once you get your shot, you may notice that the bleeding of your menses starts being irregular or longer. This mostly happens during your very first three to six months.  Also, there is a percentage of people who miss their periods after having about four injections. It is therefore advisable to consult healthcare personnel on either sign.

Why is Depo Provera used?

Depo provera injection

This method of planning is done to prevent one from getting pregnant. Also, it is used at times to manage conditions that are related to the menstrual cycle. Moreover, it may be used when;


  • The action is not taken daily.
  • You do not need to interrupt sex because of contraception.
  • Reduces your menstrual cramps or pain.
  • Reduces the amount of menstrual blood flow or even stops it.
  • Lowers the risk of you developing endometrial cancer.

Dis advantages

  • Some people may develop too much vaginal bleeding.
  • May lead to breast cancer.
  • It may bring about liver disease.
  • You may become sensitive to the components of depo.
  • One may give birth to children with osteoporosis.
  • A heart attack or stroke may occur.


  • Depo affects your natural fertility and takes time to return back to normal. Actually, it may take 6 months to one year making it hard to conceive. Therefore, if you are planning to get pregnant sooner than that, depo is not the best choice.
  • Once injected, it has to remain active for three months. Therefore, the effects such as heavy bleeding, and failed menses may lead to stress and depression.
  • You may put on or lose a lot of weight once you are on depo.
  • It may affect your mineral density making your bones so weak.
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